Reliv November Prodcast: Blood Sugar Management

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is essential for optimal health today and prevention of serious health problems tomorrow. Host Tina Van Horn discusses the prevalence of diabetes in modern society, explores the science behind blood sugar management and shares steps you can take right now to take control of your health — such as making GlucAffect® from Reliv part of your daily routine. Plus, you’ll hear inspiring success stories from Reliv consumers.

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One thought on “Reliv November Prodcast: Blood Sugar Management

  1. Encouraging and Inspiring! Dr. Galvez closes the case for Reliv’s commanding position in the marketplace of helping people. The advanced science, technology, quality assurance, product development, and business model of Reliv will certainly continue to result in better lives for more people every day, year after year. Dr. Galvez’ conviction and passion, along with his depth of knowledge and experience with epigenetics and lunasin, are a Light on a Hill to share with everyone. Thank you for including his presentation in a Prodcast! God Bless all the people and Good Works of Reliv.

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