November Reliv Blog Contest


After yesterday’s big announcements, Reliv Distributors across the country have a whole new set of goals to end 2015. (Anyone interested in a trip to Cancun?)

So we wanted to ask: What goals have you achieved since you first discovered Reliv?

  • Optimal health to get the most out of each day?
  • Weight lost, energy regained?
  • Extra income to help make ends meet every month?
  • Escape from an unrewarding corporate job?
  • Freedom to lead the lifestyle of your dreams?
  • All of the above?!


Let us know what specific life goals Reliv has helped you achieve by leaving a comment below. We’ll draw winners from among the responses and send you a Reliv prize!


29 thoughts on “November Reliv Blog Contest

  1. Like many of us, life changes but our goals remain the same. For me our life dramatically changed when I was thrust in care-giving for 3 generations in my home over the last year. Having dealt with many health issues in the past, Reliv met a physical goal for me to have the stamina to care for a newborn baby, my 33 year old daughter with MS and my 84 year old Mother with advanced Alzheimers. If not for Reliv, I would not have had the ability to perform the necessary daily tasks. Reliv also met a financial goal as having to take a leave of absence from working, we were able to still get a paycheck each month and help provide products not only for myself but for my family which would have been impossible without the Reliv income. Do you think we’re grateful for Reliv? You betcha!

  2. Reliv has helped me in so many ways during the short time I’ve been a Master Affiliate. But, mainly, to be a turning 50 next year and feeling as young as ever, with more energy than I ever thought possible has made a huge impact on my everyday life. I am full of joy, good health, energy and it shows! 50 is just a number and am excited to see what the next 50 years have in store for me with Reliv Nutrition! Bring in on!

  3. How has Reliv helped me achieve my goals? Well, having always been a healthy and active person, I saw Reliv products as my “ounce or two of prevention” so that I could maintain my good health through the years. So I would have to say Reliv really helped me achieve a goal that I didn’t even have the courage to dream… the ability to retire early and have the freedom to live life on my terms. I truly envisioned working my corporate career until well into my 60’s. Through the strength and success of my wife’s Reliv business I retired at 55; allowing the two of us to travel, spend time with family and pursue philanthropic efforts enriching the lives of others. Reliv is proof that you can do well, and do good.

  4. Oh my!! So many things! It’s nice knowing that my future is so bright. Robert and I have been so blessed! We hit key director, earned the trip to Jamaica, earned cash bonuses and all of that has given us the opportunity to get a house in Orange County. I know the best is yet to come!





  6. We relocated from Idaho to Colorado a year ago–because we could! Thanks, Reliv!
    We helped pay for our older daughter’s wedding in September. Thanks, Reliv!
    We’ve earned 3 all-expense paid trips. Thanks, Reliv!
    We have additional income every month. Thanks, Reliv!
    We have better health in our 60’s than we did in our 50’s. Thanks, Reliv!

  7. After seeing life changing results, out first goal was to pay for our product. After that was accomplished, we had a goal to reach each director level. We loved the time spent with our friends in corporate during our Senior Director Training! Before long, Reliv started paying us more than my husband’s job! Our next goal is to reach Presidential Director and then Gold Ambassador! We know that along the way, many many lives will be changed with both the product and the business opportunity, and we love being just a small part of that journey.

  8. My life goals that Reliv has helped me obtain in my 1st year are:

    Optimal health thru powder is just what I was looking for. I’ve taken pills, capsules, tablets but never saw real specific results. With Reliv’s epigenetic super nutrition I can see it working 15 to 20 mins after consuming my shake and taking LunaRichX.

    I was looking to build up my immune system and gain my overall strength back. Recently my husband and I moved to a place in the country. We are required to be more active daily. I wanted confidence that I had the strength and mobility to complete tasks with my husband. Thanks to Reliv’s nutrtional formulas I’m much stronger than I’ve ever been. He is happy to have his wife’s help.

    After being a “stay at home mom” for 24+ years and enjoying every minute, I was searching for my next purpose in life, my second act. In walked Reliv. For the first time, I could be my own boss, work from home and I could share a product and idea that I believe from personal experience. Since 1994, I was exposed to the idea that nutrition is vitally important to our health and well being. And if we get the proper nutrition our bodies need we will remain healthy as we age. Over the past year, I have seen first hand how these products work and people are noticing the changes in me. My business side hasn’t taken off yet. However, this month is the beginning of a new journey for me. I want to grow my business and continue to help others reach their goals.

    One last item is gaining my well being, confidence and being able to see a bright future. Nine+ years ago my father passed away. He was going to be very much in my future as we were going to be neighbors. Fast forward to a year ago. Reliv was introduced to me and I’ve not looked back on what I should do for my optimal nutrition. I’ve struggled with the business side. But last week I realized that I have come out of my fog. I am able to see that I want a future. I feel empowered to do something meaningful with my life again. And with this opportunity I can do both my passions. I always wanted to help people feel good and maintain good health. And the second passion is assisting my husband in earning an income now that our sons are out of the nest. With Reliv I do see and know this is possible. So with my new found mind, purpose and focus I believe I can reach this goal today going forward.

    This company is great. The people are great. The products are simple to use. So there is nothing holding me back now!!


  9. Because my friend cared about me I have better health, energy, and a Reliv business. My mother is still in her own home at age 89 and Reliv has saved her thousands of dollars as I was told nine years ago to put her in a care center and that care center cost $5000 a month. My husband had a quality of life with a serious disease. Because the products change lives and deliver a Reliv difference a business was born for me and I am so grateful as my husband and I went on dream trips to Malaysia, Hawaii and a Disney cruise. The only cruise we’ve ever had in our life. We owned a business that owned us 24/7 and thanks to Reliv, we have had dreams come true, even beyond our expectations. Thanks to Reliv, my house payments have been made and others have received help. I am proud to help others find their dreams, hope and memories to cherish.

  10. 19 plus years ago when Reliv came into my life, I had no life. Because of my health challenges, I couldn’t work, I had no energy, I couldn’t be around people, and worst of all I had no hope or joy. Today I can do anything I want and have an active, full social life. I’m 63, no medications, lost 43 pounds, earned a Reliv Disney cruise, and have hope and joy with amazing life and bright future because God brought the Reliv products and opportunity into my life! I can’t and don’t even want to imagine my life without Reliv!

  11. When we found RELIV…we never dreamed that our first success would come in the very first month!!! First, came health goals and successes…but to our amazement… from month two to the present, we have received a monthly check from our RELIV business!! That was HUGE for us to belong to a comany that was helpinig us build a RELIV business to aid our retirement. It was a goal and a dream…but beame a reality so swiftly for us, and what a blessing it has been. AND WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!!!! We didnt plan for retirement, but now in our 60;s, we have a HOPE and every month brings a goal met one step at a time. We have our eye on future successes happening for us one month at a time. Thank you RELIV.

  12. Because of Reliv income was able to retire early from a twenty-five year teaching career.

    Because of Reliv nutrition turning seventy this month I am still very healthy, take no meds, hike, cycle, and two weeks ago earned a black belt in taekwondo – the oldest one on stage and only started 01/10/2103.

  13. Was able to leave a teaching career because of Reliv income and enjoy my life with family especially grand daughters since 1997.

    Before Reliv I suffered from an auto immune condition that had taken its toll on my body and crushed my spirit. I hurt all the time. Twenty years later I have no symptoms, use no medication, and have a quality of life I never believed I’d have again or at my age.

  14. Am I better off with Reliv? You betcha! I traded in handfuls of tablets and capsules with each meal for two NOW and Fibrestore shakes a day and 4 LRX capsules before bedtime. After a few months I added Glucaffect to my shakes. My A1c plummeted from 7.9 down to 6.1. My diabetic neuropathy faded away completely and my bone-on-bone knees stopped hurting! I was able to get off statins and blood pressure meds. My energy level doubled and I sleep soundly. I’m 65 and feeling 35! The only thing better than getting these results for myself are the wonderful ways Reliv has helped my family and friends with their health issues. By sharing my story I have not only helped others – I have begun to earn additional monthly income, something I hadn’t anticipated when I began my Reliv journey. The highlight of my first year with Reliv was going to International this summer in St. Louis, being around thousands of quality Reliv distributors, and meeting Dr. Carl in the hallway at Reliv headquarters. Wow!

  15. Goals I’ve achieved since first discovering Reliv… I was able to get my Master’s degree in Architecture because of the Reliv products. They gave me the energy and mental clarity and focus I needed to push through. I was able meet my fitness goals because of Reliv as well. I’m grateful for the products because with them, I know I am capable of achieving any goal I set my mind to!. The future is bright 🙂

  16. I have always had my sights set on being the healthiest person I can be. I have always paid attention to what I have eaten (a wonderful habit I got from my family!) and have always had an interest in fitness. Eight years ago, I became a fitness instructor and, since that day, my goals now focus on, not only myself, but helping others live the healthiest life possible. Last year, I was introduced to Reliv by my aunt, who is an RN and has seen amazing results from some of her patients that have used it. I liked what I heard and loved all of the stories I got to hear and knew I had nothing to lose if I tried it. From that day, I never turned back. Not only has my Reliv regimen helped me achieve my fitness goal of completely toning up and working on my strength training, it has also helped me achieve my goal of spreading the word of great health and nutrition to the students in my classes. I have had the privilege of sharing my journey with them which, in turn, prompted them to try Reliv products, as well. My business is still new but I know that I am headed in the right direction! There is no question I will continue to reach goals with such a wonderful product!

  17. Reliv has given me 19 years of being a stay home mom to my girls. When I first started with Reliv, my girls were 5 months old and 2 years old. I started the Reliv business at the Top profit level so I could maximize my time and income. Because of the Reliv opportunity, I was able to volunteer in the girls schools and spend as much time with them as possible where when I was in corporate america, I was controlled as to when I had to work and when I could take time off. Today my girls are 2nd and 4th year college students, and I can look back and be grateful that I was able to spend all that time with my kids most parents don’t have the opportunity to have through out their school age years.
    Thanks to Reliv, we were able to take them on the Disney Dream cruise and the following years on Reliv trips for each of their Senior Years that we earned with this company. I am very passionate about this company and how the business has allowed me the freedom to live the life we wanted according to our dreams and desires and not corporate america’s demands.

  18. My hair and nails have grown thicker and healthier. My heels are soft-no calluses! and my skin is healthier. I really like that you can help friends by talking with Reliv people who have had certain ailments. The testimonies are key.

  19. Nine years ago we were introduced to a life changer! I had no idea what journey lay ahead of us, but at the time my faith in God was tested. Daily I was seeing my husband spend most of his daytime hours in a fetal position, as he seemed hopeless in the face of Parkinson’s Disease. My sister introduce us to Reliv and although my husband still deals with the disease, we are thankful for the quality of life and years that these products have blessed us with.
    Although my husband had given up on the nutritional route before Reliv, he had seen enough wonderful result in the first month that he invested in a Master Affiliate order. In December, 2006 I took my first shake, feeling that we had enough product on hand that I wasn’t pulling the plug on my husband.
    I pushed aside a tray full of expensive vitamins which were recommended to me by informed and knowledgeable folks. I had not expected any changes by taking those shakes which were made from powder in a can! My reasoning was that, after all I had juiced and tried to eat right, so you can imagine my surprise when I started cutting out those daytime naps! I was amazed at the results I started having with hormonal issues, join and muscle pain, digestive issues, strengthening of my vocal chords and improved eye sight! My weight started dropping just because my body was nourished, and I wasn’t going to the refrigerator looking for something to kill my cravings.
    I love what it has done with my cognitive skills! It has given me a better sense of mental clarity. I am very thankful how it has improved my eye-hand coordination. My newest book, The ‘Tale of Sum Bunny’ is just being released. It is an inspirational parent-read story of a stuffed bunny rabbit, and the fun part is that it is also a coloring book! Reliv helped give me the equipment I needed to illustrate and write this charming book.
    I have seen a powerful difference in my life since Reliv. It has helped me generate an income as well as giving me better health. As I enter my 70’s I am in a better shape than I was when I entered my 40’s.
    I have a gift to share, and by God’s grace I will keep sharing this wonderful company, its ministry and these awesome products.

  20. I can’t wait to wake up and take my shake! That’s my motto every single day! And I don’t miss a shake! It’s the first thing I do in the morning. Why? Because I KNOW I am getting balanced nutrition to begin each day. What else do I love about Reliv? It is portable both to consume and to develop a business. I have business in Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois besides what I have here in Michigan. This winter I am taking it to Florida! What a great opportunity to Nourish Our World! Way to go Reliv! You have provided a way for me to keep my bags packed and to be on the go! So……… What are we waiting for? Let’s go!

  21. Wow, What a loaded question, where do I start! We were not looking for Reliv or even knew Reliv existed, but destiny and some heavenly blessings, brought the two of us together. Reliv has become part of our family and goes everywhere we go. We are living witnesses to what it means to stay healthy and stay out of the doctors office for nine years, which is quite a feat with 14 kids. Reliv has allowed me, a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom for 28 years, to add to my husband’s income to keep our heads above water financially. Over the past nine years we have had 6 kids in college, two weddings, and added 3 children to our family through adoptions from Haiti (which were because of the work Reliv does in Haiti) and just basically afford life. We would have been lost with out the monthly income this business has brought in each month. With the stress relief alone, Reliv has been worth it’s weight gold. So, you ask me why? And we answer back, why would we ever stop consuming or sharing one of God’s special blessings? It was not given to us to cover like a light under a bushel basket, it is our job to let the light shine and share the hope with the world!!

  22. 11 years ago my doctor wanted me to start on insulin. I begged for three months. She said if i went into a coma I would have no other choice. With all the other issue I was facing this wasn’t good.

    Reliv came into my life. Since then no insulin, didn’t have the possible heart transplant hey were saying I may need. All of my other issues are also getting better. I have used many other things that I never felt any difference using. They had different names for them including vitamins but nothing else said nutrition and your body will know how to use it. My wife and I are healthier in our 70’s than in our earlier years. We no longer know all the medical staff in the doctors office and hospitals now. The med free lifestyle is so much better than sitting around a retirement home talking about what new med we got from the doctor today. We enjoy helping others have the same lifestyle we enjoy. Living a healthy lifestyle is life at its best.

  23. I LOVE RELIV!!! It literally gave me my life back. I was forced to retire as a neonatal intensive care nurse. A job I loved for 36 years. But a car accident and a severe neck injury changed all that. I suffered for 3 years after neck surgery with pain and not able to use my left arm. I tried many other things and required medication to help with the pain. But nothing changed in 3 years despite all the therapies I went to. Thank goodness for Reliv and LRX. In 3 months my life improved for the better.
    I am so grateful. People could see a change in my movements and the pain was gone from my face.
    I just shared what had changed for me. Love the stories!
    My pain was gone, I could use my left arm for the first time in three years, my blood sugars dropped over 100 points, cholesterol improved, and more. It is a blessing to get up everyday and not hurt.
    I recently lost 20 pounds and want to lose more. I sleep better and feel refreshed when I get up.
    It has helped my husband with allergies, pain, and leg cramps, and my 85 year old mother with circulation, and overall well being. She also has alzheimer’s and I believe it has slowed the progression.
    But more than anything my heart is in helping people, that is what nurses do right? I want to share this gift with all that I know and meet.
    With helping others I/we hope to achieve our goals and dreams! We have been getting a check every month, but it needs to grow. We have distributors in several states and it is also time for them to start achieving their goals and dreams! It’s what we do.
    Like many others I do thank God for Reliv and the amazing products, Scientists, business, corporate leaders, Reliv staff, and all the wonderful people I/we have met along the way! Thank you!

  24. Our number 1 goal when we discovered Reliv was for me to be a stay-at-home mom to our 4 kids, with the help of Jim and Quila Buhler and these amazing products/company I have been able to do that. What have we achieved that wasn’t a goal? That is the best part, we have seen so many peoples lives changed that were suffering, my mom being the number one person that we have helped! She is my daily inspiration that hope is there when we think there is none. After watching her suffer from Celiac Disease for so many years it is a true blessing that she can now eat what she wants, when she wants at 78 with no side effects. And now we are helping others build a business so that they can come home too.

    Every night all 6 of us have a chocolate kids NOW blended with ice and milk for dessert, who would have ever thought dessert could be so healthy and good! We love Reliv and can’t wait to find our next goal and success story.

  25. I thank God every day that I have been brought into this wonderful opportunity. I am thankful for the hope I find in the many testimonials I have heard. I am thankful that I am in the personal attention of Richard and Kimberly Burns; the top distributors for the last two months, who have taken me under their wings and made me feel like a part of their family and have given me the benefit of their experience, with love and support. ( This is why I put the link to Kimberly’ s book in the space above. )
    I purchased the products beginning this summer for my wife Gloria who wants to avoid knee surgery and is trying to improve her memory. After about two months, there may have been some improvement but I couldn’t be sure. At that time we took a nine day vacation without the products. After that short time, her deterioration was so noticeable that I was frightened. I have been diligent insuring that we both get two shakes per day with the addition of Arthaffect and 24K for Gloria. After almost one month on the Now and LunarichX, Gloria is asking me to tuck in my shirt-tails. For years she had been insisting that I leave my shirt-tails out. (I have lost 8 lbs this month and my stomach is smaller. I was 175 lbs this A.M. just for the record to compare with future results )
    I am thankful that the hope I find in this opportunity is not just for health but also for improvement in my finances. It is also thankfulness for the chance to escape government assistance. I am thankful for the reduction in my grocery bills and my appetite. I am thankful for the assistance of a complete stranger; a retired Lieutenant Colonel Marine, Mike G. who gave so generously to me and a 3-way call sharing his testimony regarding a brain tumor. My wife, Gloria and I are most thankful for the closeness and support of our whole local team. They have proven to be true friends.
    P.S. How could I forget, we are looking forwardto the opportunity to help those thousands of children through the Kalogris
    .Foundation. Thank you God for bringing me into the Reliv family.

  26. Vision & Hope – trained as a pharmacist, I have been seeking a new path to support and protect the well-being of our miraculously- created human bodies. Reliv has allowed my body to heal itself in many ways, most profoundly in stopping the progression of cataracts that had begun growing in my already severely-near sighted eyes! Protecting my vision literally opened my eyes to a vision with Reliv that puts hope of control back into our own hands….using and sharing nutrition to allow our bodies to operate as designed, providing a business that is a solution to significant root issues in our world today, and nourishing the young who are the future hope of our world. What other company anywhere takes on the complexities of development, manufacturing, marketing, customer service and distribution support so expertly in order for us individual distributors to focus on making such differences today that have profound implications for the future? RELIV stand alone, united with vision and hope!

  27. I have been able to achieve my biggest goal…to be able to walk without relying on my wheelchair! The ability and vision to be able to set and surpass other goals as well as setting new ones! Being able to visit the Philippines 2 times for 5 weeks to share the genuine hope of Reliv with those who desire to make a difference in their and family’s life means a lot to me and also an optimistic world to others! Goals are dreams that can very well become reality with the Reliv products and opportunity!

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