Reliv International Conference Top 10


It’s been two months since that unforgettable weekend — the 2015 Reliv International Conference. But the events of those three days in St. Louis continue to resonate. Remember that amazing feeling you left conference with? Let’s keep it alive! 


What happened: Distributors browsed the latest in Reliv gear and sales tools.

What to do now: Browse online! Tool up your business and let the world know what you’ve discovered. YOU are the Reliv brand.


What happened: A worldwide Reliv family reunion!

What to do now: Work with Distributors in your area, across the country and around the world in spreading the word about Reliv. We want our family to grow!


What happened: Best. Reliv. Video. EVER! Who could forget the excitement in the conference hall after “Don’t just live. Reliv.” played on the big screen?

What to do now: Share it! This video and Reliv’s incredible library of videos are available to you on, YouTube and your own personal website.


What happened: A moving salute to the people whose generosity and hard work have made the Reliv Kalogris Foundation’s two decades of life-changing work possible, including this special tribute to Reliv Co-Founder Sandy Montgomery.

What to do now: The best way to build the RKF is to build your business. The more people who know about Reliv, the more children we can feed.


What happened: Reliv’s top scientists, Dr. Carl Hastings and Dr. Alfredo Galvez, outlined what sets Reliv nutrition apart.

What to do now: Drink Reliv shakes every day. Feel great. Tell other people about it.


What happened: Reliv handed out $50,000+ in bonus checks to top finishers in our Power of You Promotion.

What to do now: Find out what promotions Reliv has running every month — Rookie Bonus, Top 10 Bonus, etc. — and make a plan to earn a big check of your own.


What happened: Presidential Gold Ambassadors Les & Joyce Ferguson became the 16th Distributorship inducted into the Reliv Hall of Fame.

What to do now: Set your sites on your next Distributor rank and plot a course to get there fast. We’d love to take you to Atlantis for our 2016 Leadership Celebration!


What happened: Insightful presentations of proven business-building tips from Reliv’s top leaders.

What to do now: View or listen to the workshops online at And make sure to qualify for Master Affiliate Training School every 90 days to get in-person, hands-on training from Reliv’s best.

(2) PARTY!

What happened: A tour of Reliv HQ and a BBQ party filled with food, music, friends and fun!

What to do now: Save the date for next year’s International Conference on July 28-30, 2016, and celebrate with us at your Reliv home away from home!


What happened: Corporate and Distributor leaders painted a vision of the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for all Reliv Distributors.

What to do now: Catch the vision! Embrace everything Reliv makes possible to improve your life, the life of your family and the lives of everyone you know.

Did you attend the International Conference? Share your favorite moments in the comments section below!

One thought on “Reliv International Conference Top 10

  1. The special tribute to Sandy Montgomery and the Kalogris Foundation celebration were most special to me! This highlighted the heart of Reliv! And speaking of the heart of Reliv, the reunion with friends in the Reliv family was great, too.


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