Fitness: The Healthy Choice



Life is filled with choices, some harder than others, but in every case the decision is ours. What will I eat for breakfast? What will I wear to work? What will I do when I get home from work? What do I want my life to look like in 10 years? The list goes on and on. And all these questions center around one big one: What lifestyle will I foster and live out?

Living a healthy life means eating right, exercising and taking care of ourselves. It requires being healthy in mind, body and spirit. Fitness is central to it all. Whether you’re going to the gym or playing tag football with your kids every Sunday, there are many great options for staying physically fit. The endless benefits exercise supplies your body, mind and spirit should get you moving every day. Check out these key rewards and hop to it!

  • Stress-less. Work out more, stress less! Simple. Working out is proven to reduce stress levels and help us get more out of our day. Many of us abuse the well-known, “But I don’t have time!” Take 30 minutes to enjoy a workout and reap the benefits all day!
  • Boost your brainpower. Would you rather spend time feeling full of ideas or lacking inspiration and focus? Exercise is proven to increase energy levels and serotonin to the brain, which improves mental clarity. Want another boost? Check out 24K® from Reliv, a healthy shot of optimal nutrition for energy, focus and stress relief.
  • Fitness friends. Getting exercise gets you out in public with people who share similar goals or lifestyles. Not only is it fun to be around other people and make new friends, but having a workout buddy can also be an excellent motivator!
  • Happy family. I’m a huge advocate for getting active with your kids. I notice a difference in my life and my daughter’s on days when we engage in physical activity together. Whether it is going to the park for an hour or going for a walk through the neighborhood, we are spending quality time together enjoying the outdoors and fostering a healthy lifestyle. As parents, we lead by example. Added reward: Outdoor air and lots of play = successful nap for my Gracie!
  • Treat yourself. Eating right goes hand in hand with exercise, but it’s okay to indulge in not-so-healthy treats every once in a while if you plan to burn off those empty calories. Reward yourself for working out with an occasional cookie after dinner or that second helping of your favorite meal! But then be sure to get back on the path of optimal nutrition. Tip: Fuel your workouts with ProVantage® performance nutrition from Reliv. ProVantage meets the nutritional needs of physically active people to improve performance, endurance, recovery and repair.


What choices have you made towards a healthy lifestyle? Share your successes in the comments section below!

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