You Did It!


by Reliv Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales Don Gibbons

Boy, do I love it when I get to say those words to someone. “You did it.” You set your goals. You worked your plan. You broke through and decided you could believe in yourself. You did it. You really did it. Just two short months ago at International Conference in St. Louis, I had the opportunity to say that over and over again!

We left no doubt in the mind of everyone in attendance about what Reliv is: what we stand for, what we believe in and how we will stay committed to helping others. As you can read in the most recent Lifestyle magazine, our mission to Nourish Our World — helping people excel in Body, Mind, and Spirit — is alive and well.

It was a weekend full of people on stage, one after the other, sharing how Reliv has helped them do things they could not do. Real people, who have built Ambassador-level Distributorships, teaching us all about what they do to build their own home business with Reliv. Click here to access conference workshops.

People from every background imaginable — nurses, accountants, construction workers, musicians, farmers, moms, dads, reporters, veterans, executives — who are for the first time in their lives experiencing true time freedom. They did it! Well… how about YOU?

I’m going to be saying “you did it” over and over again in the months ahead. We have VERY EXCITING “things” we will be doing in the fourth quarter, and into 2016.

Get with the people you are working with in Reliv, and make sure you understand what can be next for you. I look forward to looking you in the eye and saying, “YOU DID IT!”

Let’s Go!

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