A Business Built For YOU

Reconstructing Success

Dave Martin of Pennsylvania was running a small construction business, complete with tight deadlines, long hours and high stress, when he heard about Reliv from a friend. He and his wife, Rhonda, were eager to try the products and start a business where they could have the freedom to work at home and be with their children. It wasn’t long before they noticed a difference in their health — and in their bank account.

As Distributors, Dave and Rhonda love to interact with customers and help them understand there is hope for better health and a brighter financial future. They always keep their ears open for an opportunity to share their success with others.

“If you don’t have a good product, you don’t have a business,” Dave says “There are so many people looking for a business, but they’re afraid to put their name behind something that might not work. With Reliv, there is science behind the products, and success is inevitable if you’re willing to do the work.”

The Business of Caring

Olivia D. Augustin of the Netherlands was working as a civil engineer with long hours, long commutes and weekends wasted working when her friend encouraged her to try Reliv.

“Once I started on the products, I couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like,” Olivia says. This motivated her to launch a Reliv business. “What’s better than helping others improve their quality of life? The best part about being a Distributor is changing lives.”

Olivia is a very independent and spontaneous person who loves to travel. “Not the best preconditions for a 9-5 job,” she admits. With Reliv she has the flexibility to be her own boss but can also rely on the team around her whenever she needs to. “The key to success for me is to (1) stick to the system, (2) listen to and copy successful Ambassadors, (3) become and stay teachable and (4) have fun!”

Olivia grows her business gradually by being a person people can trust. “I believe people are attracted to feeling welcome, appreciated and cared about,” she says. “People need to know that, in both a health and business sense, Reliv cares about you.”

Not Your Average Joe

Joe Ederer of Minnesota was a lacrosse-playing high school student when he decided to launch his Reliv business. With the help of his parents, Joe started taking the products at age 6 and later received encouragement to become a Distributor.

As a student and athlete, Joe is confident that he will be able to reach a lot of people and get them started with Reliv products and that his example will encourage others to join him in the business as well. “Going to school is a full-time job, so having a Reliv business where I can make connections with lots of students and have the flexibility of making my own schedule is key to my success,” he says.

“It sounds too good to be true, but there’s science behind it and Reliv products seriously work,” Joe says. Having used the products for most of his life, Joe is very knowledgeable about Reliv nutrition and excited to share the many health benefits with others.

Joe aspires to be a musician and grow his business on the road, traveling to various cities and spreading the word about Reliv. “I’m going to bring Reliv entrepreneurship and optimal health to my generation.”

Interested? Learn more about the Reliv opportunity and talk to the person who introduced you to Reliv.

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