Be the Brand: Reliv Your Life


Looking for ways to grow your business? Be the brand! Being the brand means proudly wearing Reliv gear and being ready to share your passion with everyone you encounter. The more you promote Reliv in everything you do, the more people will ask you, “What is Reliv?”

“When people see an image over and over again, they begin to get comfortable with it.  It softens our market and creates an environment of curiosity and an openness to learn more,” says Bronze Ambassador Mark Gauger. “Branding is an important part of our daily Reliv job description, and it’s part of the fun we have every day sharing Reliv!”

Being the brand is about more than just staying up to date with the latest Reliv apparel and accessories. As a Reliv Distributor, it means being a walking, talking, breathing Reliv billboard — embracing Reliv’s approach to healthier mind, body and spirit everywhere you go.

This includes staying in shape, exercising daily and living an active lifestyle. It also means savoring life and putting your all into everything you do to get the most out of every day. People are attracted to healthy, happy people. They want to hear your secrets and know your tips to looking and feeling so good. That’s your chance to offer them this simple advice: “Don’t just live. Reliv!”

So visit the Reliv Company Store and browse our current selection. Here is some of the latest and greatest Relivwear just waiting to be added to your wardrobe:

Men's Smoky Grey Tee

Get in the loop with this Reliv scoop tee. The perfect tee to wear while you accomplish everything your day brings!

Infinity Scarf

To infinity and beyond! For a stylish twist on your Reliv business, this vibrant Reliv infinity scarf is a must for your wardrobe.

Ladies White 3-4 Dress Shirt

Dress the part! Vamp up your Reliv business today with this classic ¾ dress shirt.

Village Zipper Tote

You could fit a village in the village zipper tote! Perfect for all of your Reliv essentials.

the Power of U

You’ve got the power! Make it happen using what you’ve got on the inside while you show off the Power of U on the outside.

3 thoughts on “Be the Brand: Reliv Your Life

  1. Is there a successful way to use my web site to build my business? I have had one for over a year now…and it has not been an asset to me reaching new distributors nor selling product? So far it is a monthly payment only!!! I have a strong desire to make my website work for me…but I don’t know how to do that? Can anyone help me?

  2. Will Reliv offer the : Power Of You portable phone charger as a item to purchase in the relive store? I know it was offered to be won during the promotion of the conference, we won 2. We use them a lot around our customers and distributors and they like them as much as we do and the have asked us about purchasing them. I feel they would help us promote our business and products.

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