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Staying Fit Without a Fit

As the working mom of a demanding two-year-old daughter, hitting the gym can be quite the challenge! When I get home from work, I’m ready to relax and enjoy a few hours with my daughter before the 7:30 bedtime ritual kicks in.

I find myself wondering: How could I work out without starting my day at 6am and also avoid taking away from the little free-time I have with my child? Simple: work out with my baby!

Thanks to many blogs and other mommas out there, the internet is full of inspiration to find workouts that best suit each of us and our children. Working out with our kids can be a great way to engage with them while teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Here are some great resources to stay fit and keep your child from throwing a fit, simultaneously!





And don’t forget your Reliv nutrition to help you keep up with your workouts — and your kids!

What workout solutions or programs do you have to share? Let us know how you do it all in the comments section below.



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