Go Back to School with Reliv


by Reliv Senior Vice President of US Sales Don Gibbons

Power up your home business with Reliv Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS).

Follow this logic:

  • You want to build an INCOME-producing asset: a Reliv business.
  • To do this, you ADVANCE in the Reliv Director Program, a recognition program that celebrates your business growth.
  • Advancement is based upon OVERRIDES. To advance, you must grow your override check.
  • Overrides are paid on volume generated by the MASTER AFFILIATES in your organization.
  • Logically then… you add Master Affiliates, you increase your income.

You see how this works?

When you help people build their business to the Master Affiliate (MA) level, you help them maximize their earning potential. You also build a larger organization of MAs, which puts YOU in a position to earn higher overrides. That moves you forward in the Director Program, which ultimately results in your own income-producing asset!

This is why Reliv has reinvested in regular Master Affiliate Training Schools. Every 90 days, MATS give you the opportunity to learn useful business skills, taught by people who have built significant incomes in Reliv.

But that’s not all!

Using MATS as a regular promotion in your Reliv business encourages people to keep going — to make one more call, deliver one more presentation, bring one more guest to that special event, give one more person a chance to hear the Reliv message. That’s the ongoing value of MATS: when YOU promote them, they are business-building machines!

Even if your area is not yet having a MATS event close by, keep helping people use the Master Affiliate position as a goal for their business. Reliv is looking for opportunities to expand this program — and we’d love to put one in your area. As we see more action and more people reaching the MA level, we will add more schools. It’s that simple.

We are talking about so many things at September MATS — new promotions, new tools and new excitement coming out of our Power of YOU Conference. The fact is: YOU can use MATS to help build a better tomorrow.

View the September MATS schedule and learn how to qualify.

Let’s Go!


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