Nothing Hurts and Everything Works: Steve Sullivan

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Steve Sullivan from Pocatello, Idaho is a musician, cyclist and Reliv Distributor. Steve uses Reliv nutrition to fuel his active lifestyle.

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic, Innergize!, LunaRich X

Lucky Call: As a pro-level cyclist in 1994, I heard about Reliv completely by accident. Someone had called to talk to my roommate, but I got the Reliv message instead!

Bike Companion: Reliv has long been a part of my cycling regimen and the optimal nutrition has gotten me through injury and illness — and I’m sure helped with a lot of other things that I’ll never need to worry about.

Forever Young: I’m in my mid-50s and play like I’m in my mid-20s. I hit the ground hard, tweak body parts, climb high mountains and ride my bike fast for a long time. How can I do all this? Reliv, baby! Nothing hurts and everything works thanks to Reliv.

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  1. Hi Janis: I am going to send you some stories about how Reliv has helped a variety of people. For myself, I have improved my eyesight radically (gone up 2 levels) and gotten rid of allergies and migraines and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol.
    314 566 5231 – Let me know when we can get together.
    Much love, Jean

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