10 Reliv International Conference Essentials



Reliv International Conference

1. Business Cards
This is the biggest Reliv networking event in the world. Be prepared to make key business connections.

2. Smart Phone
Join in the conference conversation on social media, and take lots of photos to share the experience when you get home.

3. “Power of You” Portable Phone Charger
Win one of these at International Conference by making posts on social media using #reliv. Then you’ll be sure to keep your phone charged all day!

4. Comfortable Shoes
With everything going on this weekend, you’ll be logging some serious steps. Don’t let anything slow you down.

5. Reliv Gear
This is Reliv’s Super Bowl – don’t forget to wear your team colors. And be ready to shop for the latest gear at the Reliv Store.

6. 24K® Double-Shots
You will be learning straight from Reliv’s most successful Distributors. Stay energized and focused all day long with healthy energy shot 24K.

7. Extra Bag
When you purchase Reliv products, sales tools and gear on site, you save on shipping charges. Have a plan to bring it all home.

8. Workout Clothes
Kick off every conference morning the healthy way and get fired up for the day ahead.

9. Party Ticket
Reserve your place at the weekend’s most popular event: the BBQ Party and Tour at Reliv HQ! Sign up now at reliv.com/internationalconference.

10. Your Million-Dollar Sales Tool
Success in this business is all about adding people to your list and telling them about Reliv. That’s how a simple notebook can help you build a million-dollar business. Conference will remind you of all the people you need to talk to and proven ways to reach out to them. Be ready to fill your notebook with names, notes and knowledge!

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