June 2015 Recognition


New Leaders from EVERYWHERE!

Rookie Bonus earners are popping up all over North America. When you look at the Rookie Bonus list from June, you’ll see NINE different states represented plus ONE winner in Canada! All points on the compass — all building a Reliv business.

Congratulations to all of our Rookie Bonus Top 10 Winners AND their sponsors! See list below.

July is the FINAL MONTH for our $50,000 Power of You Promotion!

This is still entirely earnable by ANYONE who entered July as a fully qualified Master Affiliate. With International Conference just weeks away, any extra effort you put into telling someone about Reliv — right now — can make a HUGE difference in your business. The Top 15 volumes from June-July combined all take home big bonus cash, and sponsoring new Distributors earns you great Reliv prizes! View details.

Big congratulations to our Reliv Dr. Ted Plaque achievers from June! Not only do they earn a Dr. Ted Plaque, but they are clearly in prime position for one of those Top 15 Power of You bonus checks. Not on the list yet? No worries. Remember that every bit of extra ACTION in your business makes YOU a winner — whether you make the top 15 or not.

See you all in St. Louis!

Let’s Go!

Don Gibbons
Senior Vice President of US Sales

Trish & Doug Fischer from Colorado
Roberto Carlos Pina from Arizona

1.Laura Oskey from Oklahoma – $1000
2. Maira Rosales & Luis Carlos Sanchez from Tennessee – $800
3. Shukri Abdi & Mohamed Sheikh from Washington – $700
4. Blanca & Wilber Pena from California – $600
5. Beverly & Terry Bauman from Pennsylvania – $500
6. Regina Savage from Illinois – $450
7. Irma Reyna from Texas – $400
8. Najma Ahmed & Abdikhadar Ali from Minnesota – $350
9. Abdi Ismail & Fardosa Rage from Canada – $300
10. Sebastian & Sandra Mejia from Kentucky – $250

ROOKIE BONUS SPONSOR WINNERS (each receives $100):
Najma Ahmed & Abdikhadar Ali from Minnesota
Omar Abdullahi & Nimo Ahmed from Canada
Daniel Arellano from California
Zaynab Abdi from Washington
Donna & John Bidese from Arizona
Jonathan & Marjorie Gehman from Pennsylvania
Faisa & Hussein Hirsi from Minnesota
Ginger Martinez from Texas
Samuel Rodriguez & Maria Flores from Tennessee
Joanne Smith from Illinois
Laura Enena & Jorge Valle from Tennessee

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