12 Ways to Savor Summer Reliv-Style



1. Because of our Reliv business, my husband is leaving corporate America this summer and we’re moving to a new home in the beautiful mountains of Utah. We’re also paying for our daughter’s second college degree. We’re living our dreams!
Mary Light, Huntingburg, IN

2. This summer I’m training for a marathon! Reliv is my secret weapon. I am convinced that I would not be running marathons if I did not have Reliv. It keeps me from hitting the wall and helps speed up my recovery.
Amy Thomas, Murraysville, PA

3. We visit our two boys in Chicago and our daughter in Minneapolis every summer. When we’re together, we do a lot of bike riding, golfing, sightseeing, exploring and playing on the lake. Reliv helps us stay healthy and provides the kind of retirement we always wanted.
Jan & Al Hagopian, Racine, WI

4. My husband used to live in Puerto Rico and hadn’t seen his family in years. We are going back there this summer thanks to the extra money we earned from the Top 10 Bonus. Reliv has opened up the possibility and the desire to travel. It gives us the freedom to celebrate life!
Norma Carlozzi, San Mateo, CA

5. We have a unique summer home on a private island on a lake in Maine where I’ve made Reliv phone calls to Singapore in my kayak! Reliv gives me the time and freedom to go anywhere and still have a business.
Sue Brusa, Atkinson, NH

6. I used to be confined to my house because of seasonal allergies; I could only dream of an active lifestyle. Today, my goal is to run a half marathon in every state and I’m making it happen. The power of Reliv lets me dare to dream and accomplish my crazy summer goals!
Kecia Holder, Enid, OK

7. I’ll be working my construction job in the heat this summer. Reliv products give me the energy for a full day on the construction site and the nutrition my body needs to recover and rebuild from the toll of hard work or injury.
Doug Weber, Stratford, Ontario

8. After 50 cold winters in St. Louis, I decided I’d had enough. I sold my home, bought an RV, packed up the dog and hit the road. Now I can travel this beautiful country and work my Reliv business from wherever I might be!
Donna Markham, On the Road

9. The energy we get from Reliv products will help us move from Mississippi to Texas this summer. The income from our business is supporting our family while my husband completes his Ph.D. studies in Dallas!
Emily Soen, Clinton, MS

10. Since LunaRich X™ came out, my mild foot problems rarely bother me. I’ll be going barefoot around our pool this summer — something I haven’t done in decades!
Nancy Couch Nowak, MD, Northville, MI

11. Reliv is helping me get fit for my summer wedding! I’m a new MA and my energy from these products is out of this world. We’re getting married in our back yard, so there is a lot of work to be done, but Reliv is keeping me going.
Tina Marie Pease, Beavercreek, OH

12. We’ll be traveling to California, Idaho and Washington, and of course, to the Reliv International Conference in St. Louis! The freedom our Reliv business gives us makes it easy to enjoy every minute without having to rush back to a 9-to-5 job. We’re also funding our daughter’s dream wedding!
Dee Ann Lucks, Colorado Springs, CO

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  1. All of these stories are AWESOME! Reliv people – experiencing Reliv in so many different ways. I love it!

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