From Surviving to Thriving: How A Supplemental Income Can Change Your Life


Slaying the Debt Monster

Seven in 10 American families are in debt. In other words, they live beyond their means, spending more than they earn. Using debt to purchase goods has become so common that many people simply accept debt as their reality.

If you’ve got reoccurring debt payments (auto, mortgage, student loans, etc.), you’ve already given away that much of your paycheck each month before you’ve even earned the money. It’s spoken for and you’ll never be able to use it to achieve your dreams. If you’re making payments on a credit card or student loan, it’s time to get serious about evicting these money pits from your family budget. And don’t be fooled into thinking that mortgages and car payments are “good” debt. Instead of concerning yourself with building a high credit score by making monthly payments, get these debts paid off and start to build a stockpile of actual money!

An effective, proven way to make that happen is with the supplemental income you earn as a Reliv Distributor. Building an independent business that pays you month after month can help you demolish your debt and move you toward financial freedom. 


Come What May: Expect the Unexpected with a Rainy Day Fund

Our grandparents understood the importance of having an emergency fund for when times got tough. If you’re from a generation that survived an economic depression, you know how critical it is to have cash on hand for emergencies. We can learn a lot from their wisdom.

Rising medical costs push millions of American families into bankruptcy every year. According to Harvard University, medical bills resulting from a sudden accident or diagnosis are the number one cause of bankruptcy filings. In second place comes the layoff of a breadwinner in today’s volatile job market.

If you spend every dollar you make, you won’t be prepared for what tomorrow may bring. This is especially true for parents. Once you’ve cleared your debts, commit to saving a percentage of your income in a rainy day fund. Most financial experts recommend saving 3-6 months of your personal expenses to sustain you in case of a loss of income.

Your Reliv business can provide the extra money to start building your rainy day fund and an independent source of steady income when you need it most.


Radical Generosity and Living with Passion

Imagine it just for a moment. You own your vehicles and home outright. Your student loans are gone, and you don’t owe any money to creditors. Your paycheck and Reliv income are yours to use as you see fit. It took work to get here, but now you can live a life uncommon!

Make a list of all the things you’d do if you had additional income: the time freedom you could enjoy, the people you could help and the memories you could make with your family. Think of the difference you could make through the Reliv Kalogris Foundation! Seriously — make a list and refer to it every time you’re struggling to stay on course with your budget or with your Reliv business. The steps you take today toward financial independence will pay big dividends tomorrow.


Before Reliv, our debt kept us from taking vacations. With Reliv, we have traveled as a family to Germany, Austria, Paris, Canada, London and almost every US state. Every trip we’ve taken has been paid for by our Reliv income. Now we’re able to travel like we never could before!
Denise Williams, Hendersonville, NC

 On a recent trip to Spain, I was able to add on an extra excursion at the last minute to walk 100 miles along the Camino Santiago. My Reliv business gives me the income and time freedom to do things like this; I am my own boss so I didn’t have to ask for time off! And my Reliv nutrition regimen made it easy to keep up with the group.
Ludy Furlong, Chicago, IL

We are debt-free because of Reliv and can travel to the West Coast and to the U.K. to visit our daughters anytime we want. In 2011, we were able to give back and go to Guatemala on a mission trip. And Reliv nutrition has given us the good health to enjoy this financial freedom.
John & Annette Stegenga, Jarvis, Ontario

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