A Healthy Solution: Janice Beaird

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Janice Beaird calls Rapid City, South Dakota home as she works part time at a Western Tack Store, volunteers at a local hospital, and loves Reliv!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic®, Reliv Now, FibRestore, CardioSentials®, ReversAge® and LunaRich X

Tired of Being Tired: Before Reliv, I was very tired and stressed. I had multiple health issues including my lungs, joints and vision. I was tired of always feeling run down and started looking for a healthy solution.

Making Progress: I started on Reliv nine years ago, and within two weeks I had renewed energy and less stress. Things got better from there. In the following months my joints felt better and my lung function improved. My vision even started improving!

Not Looking Back: My doctors have been amazed at the turnaround in my health.

2 thoughts on “A Healthy Solution: Janice Beaird

  1. I am taking the same Reliv products and have found that at the age of 73 that I have energy to do what my friends my age cannot do. I am so happy for the help I have recieved

  2. Anna Mae, I love your short story. My mother in law has macular degeneration. She is in the hospital at the moment with a kidney condition and it not filtering out the toxins so her feet and legs are all swollen. She was taking Now and Lunarich but she wasn’t taking it like she was supposed to and then stopped and went back to taking her centrum silver. The Dr. put her on a drug (Lazic) I think that the way it’s pronounced but one of the side effects is kidney damage. My sister in law (her daughter) is also on lasic and she also has liver problems, now they discovered a small amount of cancer on the kidney. She’s going to start taking some Lunarich and a 2 NOW shakes. Don’t know if that will do anything for her, we’ll see as time goes on.

    Thank you for your encouraging story.

    Jennie Cantrell

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