May 2015 Recognition

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One thing Reliv Ambassadors understand: When an announcement is coming, it’s time to take action BEFORE the announcement is made. That’s exactly what happened in May 2015. Ambassadors heard the message of an announcement coming June 1st, and they took ACTION right away. The result: five of the Top 10 Bonus earners for May were Reliv Ambassadors!

Now that we are in the middle of June with MAT Schools being held all month long, it’s time put your Reliv business at the top of your priority list. Whatever you can do to INCREASE your action levels — right now — do it.

Especially if you are a new Master Affiliate!
Anyone who has recently qualified as an MA knows a ton of people who don’t know about Reliv. Your list should include every single person you know who HAS NOT HEARD our story. You are the messenger, and it’s time to deliver the message. Every day, every hour, every minute — every single time you can squeeze in ONE MORE communication — do it.

Why? You have seen the Power of You Promotion. Someone is going to be awarded those checks totaling $50,000+ in bonuses. People who know friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, friends from church, golf, the gym, school… tons of acquaintances who have NOT YET heard about Reliv; those are the people who finish high in our promotions. In other words, people like YOU!

Congratulations to our Top 10 Bonus earners and their sponsors for their achievements in May. And congratulations to the Dr. Ted Plaque earners, who all surpassed 16,000 in Group Volume last month. I’m sure they all will be working with people they helped in May to get focused on what can be accomplished the next two months. So why not join in the fun — and the bonuses?

All of this ACTION leads right into the Reliv International Conference in August.

It’s all about The Power of YOU. Time to make a difference!

Let’s Go!

Distributor Recognition May 2015

1. Susan & Paul Pouliot from New Jersey – $5000*
2. Delmar & Julie Hostetler from Kansas – $4000*
3. Dave & Jean Zuro from Illinois – $3000*
4. David & Eileen Leeds from Florida – $2500*
5. Godfrey & Julie Osayamwen from Texas – $2250*
6. Scott & Dawn Weaver from Pennsylvania – $2000*
7. Samuel Rodriguez & Maria Flores from Tennessee – $1750
8. Norma & Peter Carlozzi from California – $1500
9. Steve & Joyce Holthaus from Illinois – $1250
10. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon – $1000
*Dr. Ted plaque winners

Karla Ans from Canada – $500

1. Samuel Rodriguez & Maria Flores from Tennessee – $1000
2. Laura Oskey from Oklahoma – $800
3. Vidaul Ruiz from Washington – $700
4. Cecily Croston from Idaho – $600
5. Reina & Oswaldo Paxtor from Tennessee – $500
6. Farhiya Mohamud from North Dakota – $450
7. Ali Macalin & Rahom Ibrahim from Minnesota – $400
8. Blanca & Wilber Pena from California – $350
9. Paula Thyfault from Florida – $300
10. Faduma Mohamed from Minnesota – $250

ROOKIE BONUS SPONSOR WINNERS: (each receives $100)
Ahmed Abdirahman from Canada
Daniel Arellano from California
Donna & John Bidese from Arizona
Scott & Jill Boxrud from Wyoming
Abdi Hashi & Qadro Mohamud from Indiana
Crimson & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon
Leonel & Olga Mendoza from Nebraska
Laura Enena & Jorge Valle from Tennessee (receives 2 shares)

1. Martha Siemens from Emo, ON – $1000
2. Jana Waldner from Fort Frances, ON – $750
3. Gary & Laura Lynn Martin from Millbank, ON – $500
4. Omar Abdullahi & Nimo Ahmed from Saskatoon, SK – $250
5. Nelson & Lizzie Reist from Elmira, ON – $125

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