The Beautiful Losers: A Lifestyle Program



By Leslie Hines and Barb Verbonich of Central Coast California

How We Began
A few years back, Leslie Hines reached her goal of losing 60 pounds! Being a longtime consumer of the Reliv products, Leslie lost her first 30 pounds by taking her shakes, eating right and exercising. Then her weight seemed to plateau. To get the second 30 pounds off, a gracious woman offered to freely mentor her regarding whole food and her daily habits. This entailed a year-long process of 20-minute calls on four mornings a week and attending a weekly community meeting focused on losing weight, forming better habits and keeping weight off long-term.

Leslie was happy, but longed to share her new lifestyle with Reliv people. In August 2014, she was approached by Reliv Ambassadors Barb Verbonich and Rosemary Bell to use her knowledge to help establish a lifestyle program integrating Reliv products, healthy food choices and regular physical activity. Leslie gladly accepted.

Our first pilot phone meeting was on August 22. Tom Pinnock, an early Reliv pioneer, joined us on that call and named us “Beautiful Losers!”

How Beautiful Losers OperatesIMG_0630
Since the beginning, Barb has greeted our Friday morning callers with a warm welcome and Leslie has been the main mentor. Today, Leslie, Barb, Candy List and Tina Van Horn team together to co-host the weekly 10-minute pre-call discussions and the 20-minute recorded Beautiful Losers Call. Each mentor spends time researching the Beautiful Losers topic of the week.

Barb offers lifetime knowledge of the effects of yo-yo dieting and putting oneself last. She re-directs us to form new perspectives and habits. Candy brings insight as a seasoned Weight Watchers leader. She has maintained her lifetime weight goal while integrating the Reliv products into her daily routine. Tina teaches us how to use epigenetics to optimize our health through nutrition and activity. They each enjoy giving their time and seek to improve their own lifestyle.

It Works for Us!
Sara Mae Eash from Indiana said, “I have nine children, from 4 to 19 years old. Part of the reason I was depressed stemmed from being overwhelmed. Nine children in 15 years is a lot to handle. I have lost 28 pounds since the middle of August. My goal is to lose 50 pounds. I am on my way to getting there! My success stems from being strict about following the guidelines given to us by the leaders of Beautiful Losers.”

Eileen Campbell from Texas said, “Since the start, I lost 12 pounds and nine and one half inches off the middle. My bad cholesterol went down and my good cholesterol went up!”

How You Can Join
Those who enter the program receive the Beautiful Losers Food Plan, a two-page PDF containing simple tips. To get started, anyone using Reliv products who wants to make a healthy lifestyle change should contact Leslie at

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  1. In the years taking Reliv nutrition I have been able to lose over 125 pounds @ keep it off. Benefit is I have went from size 44 pants to size 36 for the past 4 years. 2 @ 3 x shirts to large. Able to having to stop and rest after walking 200 feet. To comfortably walk miles. Goal this year nov. 1 2014 through Oct 31 2015 is 3400 miles already over half way. There lots of things practice d daily that help. 1st don’t quit. Do what you can each day. Soon will be able to do more.

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