June Reliv Blog Contest


At Reliv 2015 is the year of YOU. In fact, The Power of YOU is our theme for this year’s Reliv International Conference in St. Louis!

What does “The Power of YOU” mean to you? How is Reliv helping you bring out your best in 2015? We asked you to tell us in one sentence for your chance to win great Reliv prizes! The selected winners are listed below:

  • The power to effect the lives of many with one question: “Have you ever heard about Reliv?” – Richard Vance
  • Thanks to Reliv, good health is now a choice; that’s power to YOU, me and everyone! – Crismon Lewis
  • It’s the power to help others achieve unprecedented health, wellness and financial security! – Ruth Davis

Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for another Reliv contest soon!

23 thoughts on “June Reliv Blog Contest

  1. Sharing a “WOW”! moment with the people I meet is an opportunity to make a difference – it’s my morning wake-up call to start my day with a RELIV shake!

  2. Reliv gave me hope for an early retirement; now Reliv gives me purpose as my wife and I work from home to help change people’s lives.

  3. Reliv sent me cases of products in the Philippines to help feed Yolanda Storm victims , I was handed an abandoned baby to adopt , she has given us the drive and new purpose to be a better person , mother and a Reliv Distributor .

  4. RELIV is the tool that enables ME to release “THE POWER OF YOU” to help OTHERS achieve unprecidented Health, Wellness, and Financial Security.

  5. The Power of You means maximizing the potentials of the body, mind and spirit with the help of optimal nutrition and finances by design.

  6. Reliv is allowing me and encouraging me to create my own classroom of Reliv students who truly want to learn how to change people’s lives as they fulfill their dreams…and THAT can be The Power of You, too!

  7. The Power Of You means I was able to rapidly return to the sport that I love, teaching and competing in tennis again after a severe back injury this year.

  8. I made lots of sticker notes all around my house to remind me to cross out the “I” in my vocabulary and replace with “YOU” which allows me to receive more yes’s than no’s.

  9. The Power of You is Universal. It means my own awareness of my potential, always growing, taking the optimum nutrition to be my best, expecting a long and powerful life while showing others the same thing…win win!

  10. The Power of You is a universal win win; It means my own awareness of my potential, always growing, taking the optimum nutrition to be my best, expecting a long and powerful life while showing others the same thing.

    (Correction to make it one sentence)

  11. Reliv nutrition powers me excel as the oldest person in my taekwondo class [soon to achieve 1st dan black belt @ age 69] and inspire kids and adults by my example.

  12. “The Power of YOU” speaks to the way Reliv’s products work together to fuel my body to work at top performance, to be the best me I can be. They provide the power for me to be me.

  13. Relive has taken pain from my body to walk pain free and given me a passion for the first time in my life about anything

  14. The Power of You means knowing you make a difference with every action take. Sharing Reliv and taking the product myself helps me to empower others while keeping my body and spirit healthy and alive.

  15. Not suffering from allergies helps me get more done outside this year thanks to Reliv!!

  16. Reliv is an Epigenetic Food Science Research Company for over 20 years helping the power of me stay healthy through cutting edge technology resulting in a sound nutrient dense formula easy to drink and fit into a busy lifestyle.

  17. The Power of You means that I am gaining confidence to go against the grain of society and pave my own path of success with all the support that Reliv offers!

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