She is Sparta: Reliv Athlete Jackie Rust


Reliv Nutrition Fuels Obstacle Course Mama
Jackie Rust of Aubrey, TX

Running and physical fitness have always been a part of Jackie Rust’s life. In fact, when she and her husband welcomed two children into the world, she just put them in strollers and kept right on adding to her hundreds of 5K and 10K medals. But things really changed for Jackie, 33, when a pharmacist friend with an interest in nutritional science suggested Reliv products back in 2007.

“She told me that I had to give Reliv a try because she knew how serious I was about running,” Jackie says. “I placed an order and took it every day until it ran out. I knew it was good for my body, but didn’t realize just how good until I stopped taking it.”

Feeling the Difference
After a few weeks without Reliv Now®, the fatigue, muscle aches and pains returned. She also experienced more injuries and longer recovery times. “That’s when I decided to sign up as a Master Affiliate and use all the products,” Jackie says. “I know the stress and strain I put my body through with training and competing, and Reliv is the nutrition I need to keep me healthy and strong.”

A few years later, Jackie ran her first marathon to celebrate her 30th birthday. Then she heard about something entirely new that would revolutionize her life: obstacle course racing (OCR). She first ran a “Tough Mudder,” an 11-12 mile non-competitive untimed race with obstacles and, obviously, mud. Then she heard about the newly created Spartan races, in which competitors brave a timed 4-5 mile course with much more difficult obstacles.

“If you can’t complete an obstacle, you’re penalized with 30 burpees,” Jackie said. “It forces you to become very good at completing tasks like spear throwing to avoid penalties. Just before my first Spartan race I had finished a marathon with a Boston-qualifying time of 3:37, but the Spartan race humbled me.”

Spartan Endurance
These grueling races can last for hours, taxing both mind and body. Jackie allows herself ample recovery time between races (at least a month), and makes sure to up her intake of Reliv Now before and after each event. “Reliv is high-quality nutrition,” Jackie says. “The body is a machine and it needs the best fuel possible. If I give my body what it wants, I see the best results. The science is there; we know what it states and Reliv has it.”

Jackie achieved first place in the Texas Spartan race and has reached the podium frequently in Vermont, Utah and other events across the country. She has run to support wounded veterans, and encourages children at her kids’ school to get active by introducing a daily running program that teaches them the merits of a fitness routine.

Spreading the Word
Now that Jackie is running among elite athletes in nationally televised races, people have started asking her about her nutrition regimen. “I think I’ll be able to take on more races this year because Reliv will cut my recovery time, my joints will be healthier and my muscles will be stronger. I want to tell everyone I see about Reliv!”

“I’m always so happy to tell people about Reliv and what this amazing nutrition has done for me,” Jackie says.

Jackie has her focus set on success at a road race in March, another OCR in April and the Spartan Championship in September. Reliv Now will be with her along the way, and she has also integrated ProVantage® and Innergize!® into her Reliv regimen.

“I am here to inspire other women,” Jackie says, “I know we’re moms and I know we’re all getting older, but we’re not done yet. I’m proof that all women can be athletes. I want to live every day of my life and not sit around on the couch watching other people live theirs on TV.”

Follow along with Jackie’s endeavors, and look for her to start sporting Reliv race gear on the podium this year!

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