Let the MATness Begin!


Reliv is bringing Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS) to cities across North America in June — and you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Visit reliv.com/mats to view event dates, cities and presenters. 

MATS are a proven, powerful way to build big business. Events feature a Friday night Reliv opportunity meeting open to all and a Saturday morning training for Master Affiliates only. It’s the perfect one-two punch to share all the excitement and possibility of the Reliv opportunity and then provide a plan to make it happen.

You need to qualify to attend June MATS. Here’s how:

[A] Become a Master Affiliate for the first time in March, April or May.

Already an MA? Then you can…

[B] Add a new frontline MA in March, April or May, or…

[C] Achieve a monthly volume of at least 3,000 PGPV in March, April or May, or…

[D] Sponsor 3 new Distributors between March 1 – May 31.

Achieve Your Goals
MATS is an important training event to learn the business skills you need to succeed with Reliv. But that’s only half of it. MATS also offer a way to achieve your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals through achievable, 90-day targets. The more people you have qualified for MATS, the more momentum you have coming out of the event and the more your efforts multiply.

After every MATS, two numbers are important: how many people you brought and how many people you’ll have next time. The more MAs you have in your downline, the more overrides you will earn — it’s that simple. Build from MATS to MATS and you’ll see your earnings grow every 90 days.

Building MATS to MATS: Hot Tips from Reliv’s Hot Spots

“We’re very rural, so we have a monthly meeting and a monthly training. We do a special event every few months and keep in touch by phone. We get between 75 and 100 people each week tuning in for our Tuesday night story call. If you can connect people once as a group on a call, they’ll keep their excitement up.”
-Ambassador Terry Cover, Bedford, PA

“We do in-home presentations once or twice monthly and they work very well here. We also hold meetings in hotels three times each month. About 25% of the people who come are hearing about Reliv for the first time and almost everyone ends up getting on the products and joining the business. We work as a team; if there’s a presentation in my home, everyone in the city is invited!”
-Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones, Alpharetta, GA

“Last summer we organized a bus that drove 9 hours to International Conference in Kansas City. Everyone went to the front of the bus and shared their goals, and they’re starting to achieve them! We get together monthly for a wine and cheese event that is open to the public, and we host two live Saturday trainings per month. We work together and support each other. We’ve got a group email to share encouragement and what we find working each week.”
-Bronze Ambassador Diane Helmold, Chicago, IL

“In California we’re growing because we are very goal-oriented and we work hard. We have maintained a Tuesday meeting and Saturday training system through the years and we work with all lines to sustain this system and support one another.”
-Presidential Double Platinum Ambassador Linda Vance, Clayton, CA

“We’ve had an active group in the Dayton area for more than 23 years. We hold regular meetings at hotels on Tuesday evenings, Saturday mornings and special trainings quarterly. Leadership in the area knows that gathering on a regular basis and sharing our excitement about this opportunity with others is a very effective way to build our business.”
-Presidential Gold Ambassadorsn Les & Joyce Ferguson, Beavercreek, OH

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