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When you tour Reliv HQ this summer at International Conference, you’ll get to see our latest home improvement: a state-of-the-art LunaRich X encapsulation line! View the video.

LunaRich X™ debuted in January 2013. Since then, 12+ million LunaRich X capsules have shipped around the world. The new line will help meet increasing demand and further elevate Reliv’s renowned quality control.

Reliv can now manufacture 48,000+ capsules per hour to support the growing businesses of Distributors around the world. The new line will also keep costs low and pave the way for future encapsulated product offerings.

The Epigenetic Superfood

LunaRich X is the most pure, concentrated form of bioactive lunasin ever produced — many times the potency of any other source. In 2013 Reliv acquired exclusive rights to the patented lunasin technology behind LunaRich X.

Lunasin is a naturally occurring soy peptide and the first nutritional compound shown to promote optimal health at the epigenetic level. 80+ peer-reviewed and published studies from 30+ research institutions demonstrate lunasin’s many benefits, including:

  • Cholesterol management
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Antioxidant benefits
  • Improved immunity
  • Overall cellular health
  • And the list keeps growing…

Benefits Booster
In addition to its own benefits, the lunasin in LunaRich X increases the benefits of other bioactive nutrients (like those found in Reliv nutritional formulas) in two ways:

Synergism: Lunasin works with other nutrients, each with its own effect on genes and physiological pathways. When you optimize these pathways with different bioactive
nutrients, you optimize your health as well.

Increased potency: Certain nutrients are activators of important genes involved in maintaining health. Once these genes are activated, lunasin has the ability to
increase their expression by making them more readily recognized by the cell.

LunaRich X further distinguishes Reliv in the competitive nutritional supplements market. Reliv is the Nutritional Epigenetics Company.


Xcellerating Business by Jane Pinkley of West Salem, OH

As a massage therapist, I believe in health solutions. So when I learned about epigenetics and LunaRich, it just made sense. My entire family experienced such great results with LunaRich X, I incorporated it into my practice. And now I can’t keep my mouth shut about it!

I always viewed network marketing as the ideal business model, but you need the right product and compensation plan to make it work. Reliv has both. The company is extremely generous — I earned a Rookie Bonus in each of my first three months in the business!

I talk to everyone about Reliv and LunaRich X, including busy people like me. The way I see it, busy people are used to being busy, and that’s who I want working with me. Everyone is on my list and I work Reliv into almost every conversation.

People want good health and a bright financial future. It’s a blessing to be able to provide both with Reliv.


Xtraordinary Results

I had some blood work done and discovered that my triglycerides were unusually high. The doctors told me that it was probably genetic (my grandmother had the same issue), and I tweaked a few things with my diet to try to help. I knew that Reliv could make a difference. I just added in the LunaRich X capsules when they came out in January 2013. I took between 3-5 capsules per day and my triglycerides were back within the normal range by the next test!
Sherry Schuler of Frankfort, IN

I am excited and amazed with the results I am getting with Reliv. I have spent my entire adult life searching and trying different supplements. For the first time in a long time I am getting a good night’s sleep and my energy levels have increased. Even my skin looks better! My regimen includes LunaRich X and FibRestore®, and I plan on trying more products.
Connie Clark of Hesperia, CA

After nine years of back issues that made it hard to walk, I decided to try a “little bit” of Reliv products. It wasn’t until I attended a Reliv meeting and heard from other fellows getting great results with similar problems that I started taking enough Reliv Now® and LunaRich X to make a difference. Now I’m moving better than I have in years. Friends who haven’t seen me in a while tell me I look 10 years younger! It has been life-changing.
Ed Soper of American Fork, UT


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