Reliv Week of Caring 2015: Another Huge Success

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By Reliv Vice President of Operations, Debra Hellweg

Another successful year of the Reliv Week of Caring has now come to a conclusion! For the past 7 years, during one designated week each year, we send groups of employees to charities throughout the St. Louis area to volunteer for the day. This year during the week of April 13th we visited the Youth in Need Organization, Open Door Animal Sanctuary, Habitat for Humanity and the ALS Association. Approximately 25% of our workforce in the US participated – we have a tremendous participation rate year after year! We not only volunteer our time, but also often times employees bring donations or help in other ways. Some highlights from this year’s events include:

  • In addition to helping care for the hundreds of animals at the Open Door Animal Sanctuary, we also raised approximately $250 (all from employee donations) for this wonderful no-kill animal rescue organization. Additionally, one of our employees adopted one of the homeless dogs! It was a truly successful day indeed.
  • Employees volunteering to help the ALS Foundation had the privilege to work directly with a family affected by ALS at their home. In speaking with several of these employees, they all agreed this was truly a rewarding experience for all.
  • Youth in Need is a wonderful organization that helps at-risk teens and children. Our employees were able to help the organization with much-needed work in one of their gardens that the kids play in. The head of the volunteer efforts for that organization personally reached out to us afterwards and could not have been more grateful for all the help our employees gave them.
  • Habitat for Humanity is an organization we choose to support each year because we can contribute directly to the future home of someone in need.

The list goes on and on of the assistance this one week of each year provides to local charities. We have even been recognized outside the Reliv world for these efforts. We have won multiple Communitas Awards for “Excellence in Community Service” for our Week of Caring. Communitas Awards specifically recognize “exceptional businesses that give of themselves and their resources to benefit their communities.” Last year the Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals (who issue the Communitas Awards) featured us in a special AMCP blog as an example of a company giving back. We have also been featured in numerous local publications in St. Louis.

Since we started this initiative back in 2009, we have volunteered our time at 18 different local charities (many we have visited multiple times) and volunteered more than 1,400 hours of service! That is absolutely incredible when you think about all those in need that we possibly helped during all those hours. I am truly privileged to be part of this volunteer effort and greatly appreciate working for a company that allows us to do this during work hours! We say it all the time, but Reliv truly is a company with a heart!

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