Achieve Financial Freedom in 2015 with Reliv


SubscribeButton-webPOUFinancial-webAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, 7 in 10 American families are in debt and carry a balance from month to month. That’s more than two-thirds of our country living paycheck to paycheck.

Our grandparents knew we shouldn’t spend more than we make — so why have so many of us taken to doing just the opposite? Odds are, you’re thinking of yourself or a loved one right now and wishing things could be better. Are you ready to do something about it?

The New Year is still young, so it’s the perfect time to take stock and declare 2015 a year of honesty, action and change. This can be the year you turn everything around and take charge of your financial future. Let’s look at three key areas of your personal finances and see how Reliv fits in.

Average credit card debt: $15,611
Average student loan debt: $32,264
Average mortgage debt: $155,192

According to the U.S. Federal Reserve, the average credit card debt of an American family was $15,611 as of December 2014. It might seem unpleasant, but sit down with your family and take an honest inventory of your consumer debt. Make a list of every debt you owe on credit cards, medical bills, student loans, vehicles, etc. While you’re getting your finances in order, make a pledge not to take on any more debt. Store credit cards with their one-time 10% discount can be tempting, but nobody ever got rich accumulating points, airline miles or discounts.

Once you stop accruing debt, open an honest dialogue about your spending habits and ability to pay off your debt. Lay no blame; just take a look at your list of debts from top to bottom. If it has been a while since you saw the total, you might have an emotional reaction — which is exactly what you’ll need to bring about change!

Your Reliv Distributorship can fuel that change. As your business grows, increased income will give you a larger shovel to fill in your debt hole. The most powerful tool you have to reduce debt is income, and unlike traditional jobs, you decide how much you make with Reliv.

Now that you’ve got a list of what you owe, take a look at your income. If your regular paychecks are consistent, write your monthly income at the top of a sheet of paper. If your income is irregular, write down the average minimum amount. Make a list of your bills and debts, as well as any other spending categories (there are many budgeting forms online).

Subtract your outgoing expenses from your monthly income, assigning each dollar you make a category. This will put a stop to mindless spending siphoning off your money. You can even take out cash every month and use envelopes for your spending categories. When the envelope is empty, you’re out of money for that category. Consider a “rainy day” fund to cover any unexpected emergencies.

Want to increase your income? Reliv Distributors can earn cash bonuses that provide a powerful boost to a regular income. Even brand new Master Affiliates can earn an extra $1,000 in each of their first three months through the Rookie Bonus. And bigger bonuses are available to veteran Distributors for top volumes and rank advancements. Plus, Reliv incentive trips allow you to see the world and experience the good life — all within your means.

37% of middle-income Americans think they’ll work until they die

Now that you’ve got an honest look at your debts, have a plan for paying them off and know how to live on a monthly budget, it’s time to plan for retirement. A recent Wells Fargo survey found that 37% of middle-income Americans believe they will never be able to retire. Take action now to ensure that doesn’t include you.

There are many retirement calculators online to tell you how much you’ll need, and how that translates into monthly savings. Learn your number and make it a priority to reach your savings goal every month.

With Reliv, your retirement income can include more than interest on your savings. Building a Reliv distribution network gives you a long-term income-producing asset. Every time someone in your network drinks a shake, you get paid. So the work you do now can literally pay you for life — and you can even pass it on to your children. That’s called residual income, and it’s what makes Reliv such a powerful income opportunity, for today and throughout your financial future.

“We were on the verge of bankruptcy and didn’t think we had any hope. Reliv gave us the opportunity to chan ge our financial future. We continue every month to find people who want what we have.” – Joyce Holthaus of Mundelein, IL

“I was looking for free time and big money. I was working 60 hours per week and needed a change. I knew nothing about home-based businesses, but I was willing to work and I was very teachable. Within my first year I was earning a six-figure income.” – Mindy Jones of Alpharetta, GA

“I had just graduated with a degree in economics and felt lucky to get a job right away. But I was working 12 hours a day and my paycheck never increased. I decided to take control of my finances with Reliv. I’m in my 20s and own my own business!” – Cayla Collins of Goffstown, NH


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  1. I left a well paying professional position to take charge of my life, family and finances while making a difference for others with both health and income. I can say I live my life with a purpose because of the Reliv opportunity.

  2. Mandy, thanks again for offering a guideline to determine a game plan to pay off debt, and to build out Reliv business. It is encouraging to read other testimonials and I want to shout out to Alem Dinka!

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