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Win a Reliv T-shirt! Here’s how: tell us how Reliv will make your family’s summer better.

Will Reliv products help you run a 5K, explore the outdoors or coach your kid’s t-ball team?

Will your Reliv business enable you to go on a vacation, come home from your corporate job or send your kids to camp or off to college?

Leave your reply in the comments below and be sure to include your contact information.

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42 thoughts on “Win a Reliv T-shirt from Lifestyle Magazine

  1. Reliv will help me to have all the energy I need this summer to get all the work done that I need to do outside, plus be able to continue to exercise regularly and lose the weight that I need to. Reliv products give me a faster recovery time, and reduce muscle aches.

  2. This July our grand daughter’s dance team will be dancing at Disney Land. Our family will be venturing from Oregon to Southern California by car, and spending 10 days seeing and experiencing the sites!
    With our six children and our daughter’s six children there will be a total of 16 of us on this trip! We will have a pretty busy and tiring trip but we know that being consistent with our Reliv products will make it a breeze!!
    We have experienced this kind of trip with and without Reliv and we have no fear that this trip will be very enjoyable because we will be “The Best We Can Be” because of Reliv!!

  3. We are senior citizens but the Reliv products have helped us to stay healthy. We have energy to plant a large garden & mow our large yard. So thankful for the great Reliv products..

  4. My Reliv business has made it possible to afford to send our daughter Cass Thielen to France this summer to study abroad without her having to take out student loans to do it. The products will help her stay healthy and have the energy and stamina to see multiple countries while there in a whirlwind six weeks.

  5. Where do I start??? Reliv gives me the energy to keep going with our very busy schedule. Working at Disneyland, I need permission for days off work, but that’s not the case for my husband Robert. This summer we are traveling to Pleasanton for June MATs, Santa Cruz for a friends birthday, Portland for an event with Quila, St. Louis for conference and daily we live life to the fullest. I’m so thankful for all we accomplish and the lives we bless with these amazing products.

  6. Energy from the Reliv products will help me move our family from Jackson, Mississippi, to Texas, this summer! And then the Reliv business will help to support our family as my husband does PhD studies in Dallas.

  7. As a Reliv Entrepreneur, the business opportunity has allowed us to change our Lifestyle to enjoy trips and a move to Colorado Springs. As the saying goes – leaders go to conference and so we went to Impact West and then to MAT school – yes we are actively building a Reliv business based on the product that work. Reliv has given me the energy to help my Sister-in-Law with her horse ranch chores (not bed being a Navy guy – horses don’t go on water 🙂 ). So yes I have the freedom to do what we want to do, when we want to do it and how we want to do it. Thanks to Reliv, we are now Entrepreneurs and loving it.

  8. Just recently requalified as a Master Affiliate. Reliv has given my son the concentration in college to set school records in golf. After 7 years he is back on the product training to try out for the U.S. Open. What a wonderful comfort to know he will be the best he can be because Reliv products will provide the balance for his system for concentration and endurance. So excited to see how this summer plays out.

  9. I will take every opportunity this summer to tell how Reliv’s optimum nutrition got my husband through a year of cancer treatment. He is now cancer free and we will be visiting our children and grandchildren this summer on our way to the Reliv Conference in St, Louis. Reliv has given us a great future and the means to visit our far-flung family.

  10. Reliv products will help me stay at optimal performance as I go horse-riding, fun with family and do walking and exercises outside. I am also going to Germany so Reliv will wipe-out my jet-lag and keep me going strong as we tour and visit friends! Will have to miss my first international conference since 2001 because of this group tour but my Reliv business will be with me in Germany!

  11. Reliv has helped me become medication free. I am more passionate today than I have ever been about this company. In about 7 months because of Reliv I will walk away from my corporate job of many years. I am so excited about what the future holds for me with this company. I will be a full time Reliv distributor and there are no limits in the new season of my life as a fulltime Reliv Entrepreneur. All I can say is what a Blessing!

  12. Since LunaRichX came out, my mild plantar fasciitis now rarely bothers me, so I am going to go BAREFOOT around our pool! (That’s something I haven’t done for decades before LunaRichX! People with heel spurs know what I mean.) …and if I decide to stop relaxing and garden, the wrist and the elbow don’t bother me as much as they did before LunaRichX! So many benefits were AMPLIFIED!

  13. Seriously …. There is no surviving a southwest Florida summer without Innergize! My family and so many of my friends depend on it to keep us from wilting after 11:00 a.m. Our lawn guy (also now a Reliv distributor of course) says that he can do three more lawns each day because of the Reliv products. Mom and Pop (aged 99 and 100) perked up significantly when they started a Reliv regime each day. We love how all the Reliv products keep us going during the year, but especially in the steamy summer months.

  14. In 2003, Reliv relieved chronic level 5/6 pain (from 4 car accidents and 2 shoulder injuries) within 8 months – and also got me off of 5 prescriptions for allergies, acid reflux and rosacea. My whole world changed! That has since made seven trips to Asia for some non-profit leadership possible. Three years ago Reliv again came to my rescue – what I thought was a stomach bug on vacation was in fact two diverticular pouches which had ruptured. A very surprised gastroenterologist told me how lucky I was and that I should have had a very different story. I turned 55 in September and set a goal of walking 220 miles before my next birthday – blew by that goal in less than 6 months! I’m now walking more than 40 miles a month – more active than in 20 years. I am grateful that I neither look nor feel my age

  15. After 30 years of working for someone else, Reliv has provided Linda and me the freedom to build something for ourselves and enjoy the personal freedom that comes with it. We leave shortly for a month long celebration of our 15 years of marriage traveling through Europe. I could never have realized dreams like this without Reliv being a partner in our success. Reliv, it’s the real deal!

  16. I used to have 4 different types of headaches — now I have none! Although I guzzled water, I often had dehydration headaches. It seems water went right through me. With Innergize! in my water bottle I am headache free! My body is absorbing what it needs to. I love Reliv products!

  17. I have battled one illness or another most of my life and nearly lost that battle once many years ago. Reliv has helped me overcome many of them. It seems though as soon as I get up I get knocked back down but I’ve never quit. I’ve been told I’m stron willed:). Two years into Reliv I tragically lost my husband and 6 months later developed yet another autoimmune disease. I redoubled my Reliv efforts with the help from my incredible team. Now a car accident and the result – a fractured neck! All is not lost though, again I am reinforced with the power of Reliv. I fully intend to be at conference in August and hiking a mountain trail in September, a trip I have planned for a long time now and determined not to miss. This company has blessed my life in ways I never would have imagined and I always look forward to what it has in store for my health as well as the health of my family & friends. Stay tuned!

  18. Reliv has given our family the energy we need to excel at our busy lifestyles. My wife is training for her first marathon which she will be competing in later this summer. The reliv products she is using have allowed her to train harder and recover quicker than ever before. Thank you reliv for fueling our family.

  19. The Reliv products gave me a pin free life. Because of the Reliv Opportunity, I walk away from high demand stressful and long day job to raise my daughter and build my income while loving what I do and living my life with a purpose each and every day! Now, I am enjoying my little grand babies and spend quality time while counting my Blessings.

    With Reliv you can have it all, health, financial freedom, time and family freedom by making a difference for so many others which is a great Blessings by it self!

  20. We LOVE Reliv! My daughter Amy has Down syndrome and she has really blossomed since starting these products. Because of Reliv, Amy is able to just be a regular kid. Anyone who has a child with special needs knows that’s all we really want for our kids. Amy is excited to take swimming lessons this summer and spend as much time as possible in the swimming pool!

  21. Thanks to Reliv not only I will enjoy the summer, plus a life free of Cancer (Multiple Myloma); when a stared to use Reliv, the number of cancer began to fall; I am happy I will enjoy with family and friends.
    Besides my wife and I stared our own business and teaching the other people that Reliv Products you can achieve your dreams.

  22. Our summer? Trips to California, Northern Idaho, and Spokane, WA, along with our “Too Wonderful to Miss” Reliv International Conference in August in St Louis. The freedom we have from our Reliv business allows us to travel at will and enjoy every minute without having to rush back to a 9-5 j-o-b! Our older daughter is getting married this Labor Day Weekend, and we also have the extra money to help fund the wedding she’s dreaming of! We moved to Colorado Springs last fall–BECAUSE WE COULD! Becoming MAs 8 years ago was the best business decision we ever made. Thank you, Reliv!

  23. Reliv allows me to work from home….wherever home may be. Being a lifelong resident of St. Louis, Missouri, and living through 50+ winters; I decided I have had enough cold, snow and ice. Last year I sold my home, bought an RV, packed up the dog, and hit the road. I now have the option to travel this beautiful country, visit Reliv distributors in other cites, meet wonderful people everywhere and ALWAYS stay warm. Thank you Reliv for allowing me to take my business on the road.

  24. My summers used to be a whole lot of “same old, same old.” My heart problems wouldn’t allow me to get out and enjoy life so I stayed in an air conditioned house from the time I got home from work until it was time to leave again. One day would just run into the next until the summer was over. This summer with the Reliv products I am healthier than I can ever remember being. I am planning to walk/run a 5K and actually began an intense exercise program; I’m not out of breath at all and for the first time in years I can get out and play basketball with my kids at the park! I’m looking forward to summer almost as much as I am looking forward to being in St. Louis!

  25. Reliv not only gave us our health back, it gave us the opportunity to have a great quality of life. 11 yrs ago we were given the opportunity to have a Plan B, it is now our Plan A. We were small business owners.. our business owned us. We sold both of our traditional businesses and came home to share Reliv full time. Soon after my mother needed a full time caregiver due to a severe injury. Reliv gave us time freedom to do the things that matter in life. In Sept 2014 Mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer at 90 + yrs. She chose Reliv rather than chemotherapy and radiation. Her Drs said she wouldn’t be with us by Christmas 2014. Today 7 mo later she is living in her apartment with her kitty doing her own cares. She is an active 91 yr old enjoying the rest of her life doing the things she wants to do and has a great quality of life.
    Thank you Reliv! What a blessing from God.

  26. Summertime!!! It’s always a busy one of traveling, lots of outside work, busy little girls to run after and keep entertained, many walks to the park, and it allows us to meet new people. Thanks to these products we will have the energy, relief from sore muscles and allergies, stress relief, and healthy immune systems to keep us going strong all summer long! Not only have these products changed our lives, but sharing with others has enabled us to pay for our products, travel, and has replaced my husband’s income! Our goal this summer is to be a part of changing even more lives! Thank you, Reliv, for this opportunity!

  27. Reliv Has Given Me My Life Back!
    Hi I am Dave Brinkman From Lebanon, Ohio. I am a Retired Police Officer on Disability Retirement for the past 10 years. Before Reliv I had a very dim look at my future. I had been injured on duty that forced my retirement that left me with everyday headaches, migraines at least 3 to 4 times a week. Pain in my back, mid back and my neck. Fibromyalgia pain in multiple areas on my body where all this just prevented me from doing anything. I saw my future as possibly being stuck sitting on the couch or even pushed in a wheelchair. Then Reliv was introduced to me in 2007. My life change for the better. I have not had a migraine in 8 years, my everyday headaches are gone, my fibromyalgia pain that I thought would take over my life is now under control. I now volunteer in the schools and build the sets for the schools plays and the high school show choir. I love having my life back. I could not of done this with out RELIV in my life. I am so grateful for the person that took the time to introduce me to Reliv.

  28. First reliv is going to help to have the energy to keep up with my two little girl’s. So we can play play and play some more. Then reliv is going help me sleep so I have more energy to keep up with my other kid (my motorcrossing husband). Next reliv is going to help me train and have a successful triathlon season. Finally the reliv business is going to bring me home from my job this summer. So here’s to a fun, healthy and successful summer thanks to reliv.

  29. My granddaughter has sensitive skin so when I babysit her I put some Kids nutrition in her milk. It will help her with upcoming mosquito bites and me with energy to keep up with her. We’ll have 60 chicks and a garden to take care of but with Provantage and Arthaffect I will manage. As a caregiver in a group home they are more active going outside in the summer, but that’s where my 2nd shake comes in handy. Reliv helps me with the stress of working with challenging individuals, and that includes my adult sons at home.

  30. Eight years ago when I was confined to my house because of allergies, I could only dream of an active lifestyle. Today, I am not only training for my 4th Half-Marathon with a goal of running a Half-Marathon in every state, but also training for my first Sprint Triathlon which will take place this summer. Only with the power of Reliv can a person dare to dream and accomplish such crazy goals. Just this week, my grown child asked – Where was this active Mom when she was in grade school? But the true joy is being able to pass the blessing of Reliv to the world and have a positive impact in people’s lives.

  31. Will Reliv help us to have a great summer? Well how about this… Because you can take your Reliv business anywhere, this summer Reliv is allowing my husband to leave “Corporate America” and making it possible for us to move to the beautiful mountains of Utah where we are building a new home in an area that looks like a picture postcard. Can you say “24/7 Vacation”? (or should that be “24K Vacation”?). At the very same time our daughter is completing her 2nd college degree, and we will not owe a cent for her education because Reliv has paid for both degrees. That means our whole family gets to start the most wonderful adventure of our lives together thanks to Reliv! We’re no longer dreaming dreams… We’re LIVING our dreams because of Reliv, and we have the good health to enjoy it all too!

  32. This summer I will be attending my first Reliv International Conference where I will learn more about these incredible products that have changed my life in the past 22 months in ways people are noticing and asking about! In addition to learning more about our products, the business opportunity and the company behind them, I am excited to meet and establish new friendships with people I have known only by phone since starting this new journey toward optimal health!

  33. Reliv made it possible for me to come to Japan to care for my mother who is battling with terminal illness. I share the hope of Reliv with my family and friends in Japan. I also shared Reliv with my mother’s doctors, nurses and physical therapists. My mother has been disabled for the last 20 years, and the doctors decided not to do any major treatments. After three weeks on Reliv, I can see some good changes in my mother, and I am hopeful that Reliv might be able to give her quality of life. It’s up to her body to use the good Reliv nutrition. I shared with my sister’s husband, who is a dietitian, and he was so amazed with the information I shared. He was so impressed, so he decided to try Reliv! I also have my uncle started on Reliv, and I am so excited to share Reliv wherever I go! I am also going to visit my other sister who has been using Reliv for the last 2 years, and my friend’s brother who has been on Reliv for 3 months. My dream is to open Reliv Japan someday. In the mean time, I have so many people getting excited about Reliv in Michigan, and they are waiting for me to come back to do the business! One more week in Japan, and I am so excited about the future of my Reliv business!

  34. Reliv will make my summer better because I take it everyday. I have a very busy summer coming up, and I know that 24K will help me get through a very crazy schedule that includes overnight shifts several times a week while trying to enjoy a fun summer! Plus with International Conference coming, I know that Reliv will help me get through the fun and excitement of Conference.

  35. I just recently started on Reliv products but I can already tell that my health is looming up! I have faith that Reliv will see me through my health difficulties this summer and help me feel better again so I can enjoy life to the fullest with my husband and kids. I have full confidence that Reliv is the answer to healing my body and that I will no longer need the surgery that I have planned at the end of the summer. Go Reliv!!

  36. I have been on reliv for about 7 yrs it helped me with my eyes as I was having to wear glasses for far away now only have reading glasses. I love our reliv family everyone is always there to help… I had breast cancer in 2014 I am now over my treatments and I feel if I hadn’t been taking reliv I would not be where now feeling better I will always be on reliv and I’m ready to grow in the business and I know there is always someone to help me and I can help others.. so don’t ever give up on yourself just kept on keeping on and because reliv family never gives up on us they will always be there for us …I will see you all at the top Reliv is going to help us this summer
    susan roger Anderson indiana

  37. Reliv will help me to get fit for my wedding in June! Yes, I plan to be ready in 2 months. I’m a new MA and have been taking Reliv Now, 24, Luna Rich X, Celebrate and Inergize for 4 weeks. My energy is out of this world! No more fatigue, my workouts are more intense and last longer, my back pain from a recent surgery is not an issue any more and my migraines have stopped and I have these “little hairs” coming in creating new hair growth (even tho I didn’t realize my hair may have been thin). I feel like a new person and thank Reliv for coming into my life, just when I needed it most. The wedding will be an outdoor, beach theme, in our back yard, so preperation is already taking place which is a lot of extra yard work. No doubt, because of Reliv, everything this summer will be an amazing hit, including my health! Thank you Reliv!

  38. Reliv will continue to keep me “going”. And I mean that literally, to the bathroom. I have been on and off FibRestore a number of times, and I now know I need this product daily or I am constipated as all get out! Summer will be much more enjoyable again now that I am taking Reliv products on a daily basis. Thank you Reliv!

  39. Reliv products are helping 4 generations of our family to maintain and improve our health! I have been on the product for over 12 years, and have recently been able to engage my husband in setting a goal to reduce his cholesterol and decrease stress by using several of the products. My 90 year old mother has continued on the product for the past 8 years, and has recently changed from the Reliv Now to the Kids Now to improve her memory. Our son started on the product 6 weeks ago, post fracture of his left foot. Reliv Now and LunarichX , 4 times/day have been the force behind his recovery! Our 2 grandchildren LOVE Kids Now shakes made with either milk or ice cream! Oh, yes… our 2 Dachshunds, Misty blue and Baroness Von Pepper…. they have been on Reliv products for over 11 years. Misty has had GREAT results battling Follicular Dysplasia, a recessive gene found in the Blue Dachshund. She no longer experiences skin lesions!
    Pepper was diagnosed with dry eye socket when less than one year of age. This problem no longer exists, and she enjoys indoor and outdoor play. Summer? Bring it on!!!

  40. I’m so excited! I have gone from nightly walks to riding my bike 10 miles. I went from 4 to 10 in just a couple of days and the miles are going up! My legs haven’t been sore thanks to Provantage and LRX. We take a shake just before going out and one upon our return to stay hydrated. My husband and I are enjoying riding together and will participate in our first Tour de Paris (Texas) this summer. Thanks Reliv! We feel great!

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