Hispanic Market Offers Unlimited Growth Potential

SubscribeButton-webHolaReliv-webSustained growth of any business requires fresh opportunities in new markets with high growth potential. Hispanics and Latinos make up about 17% of the total United States population and are the nation’s fastest growing minority population. This massive market of 53 million people is particularly well-suited to network marketing because of their cultural values and the potential for growth.

According to Director of U.S. Hispanic Sales Javier Ramirez, the potential for business growth among this population is unlimited. “We have Reliv Ambassadors seeing their businesses explode as they take hold of the opportunity that network marketing presents,” Javier says. “Reliv empowers people to succeed through determination and perseverance.”

California has the highest concentration of Hispanics with 14 million. Texas has 9.4 million and Florida has 4.2 million. By 2050, the Hispanic population is projected to triple, reaching 29 percent of the total U.S. population.

A Perfect Fit

Direct selling, with its focus on starting a business from within one’s own circle of influence, has proven to be an attractive prospect for Hispanic Americans who place a high value on time freedom and family.

“Hispanics are a great fit for Reliv,” says Presidential Double Platinum Ambassador Linda Vance of Clayton, California. “The strong work ethic, family and community ties, and financial need all lend themselves to the Reliv opportunity. Hispanics also have a keen interest in well-being and prevention.”

As with many other areas of the world, obesity and diabetes are reaching epidemic levels in Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico border regions. Reliv Now® and LunaRich X™, as well as Slimplicity® and GlucAffect®, provide a nutritional solution to combating these dietary health issues.

Growth in a New Frontier

There are few choices for unlimited earning potential in the U.S. that don’t depend on who you know, what schools you’ve attended and how much money you have to invest.

Feliciano Mendoza, a former mechanic and now a Reliv Presidential Silver Ambassador, says that the Reliv opportunity was like a dream. “I wanted a business with a low start-up cost that would pay based on how hard I worked,” he explains. “I started at the highest profit level and was teachable.”

Bronze Ambassador Rafaela Ortíz of Omaha, Nebraska, loves that she didn’t have to change her life for Reliv: “I work from a corner in my kitchen with a phone in hand — it’s work I can do anywhere.”

Flexibility Attracts Hispanic Women

U.S. Census figures show that 62 percent of married Hispanic women with children under age 18 are working moms, and 73 percent of all Hispanic women aged 15–44 are mothers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hispanic women are significantly more likely than their white or Asian counterparts to be among the working poor, largely due to lack of formal education and language barriers. But where once Hispanic women had limited career options, more and more are joining the workforce, supporting families, and learning to run businesses of their own.

Presidential Silver Ambassador Rita Montenegro of San Jose, California, worked nights in a factory so she could care for her children during the day. “I dreamed for 16 years of a way to earn an income and be home with my family,” she says. “Reliv was the answer.”

Right Support, Right Now

Reliv leaders are providing the tools and training to help Hispanics feel welcome and succeed. Resources in Spanish include a full-function website, regular meetings, special events, videos, webinars and conference calls, plus access to leading Hispanic Distributors throughout North America. And starting with this issue, Lifestyle magazine will now be made available in Spanish both in print and online.

“Reliv’s efforts are about more than just translation; they’re about forming a relationship from person to person,” Javier says. “Reach out into this community with determination. The potential is unlimited.”

Ready to get started?

Contact Javier at jramirez@relivinc.com, 314.378.8807 (mobile) or 636.733.1381 (office) or visit spa.reliv.com.

“Hispanics who come to the U.S. come with a dream for a better life. The Reliv System and flexibility of the business allow you to have a wonderful income while putting family first.”

Silver Ambassadors 
Rita and Jaime Montenegro, San Jose, CA

“Reliv is like a big family. Hispanics identify with the System and level of support provided as you become successful. When you work as a Distributor, Reliv helps you achieve your goals of family freedom and financial security and gain confidence.”

Bronze Ambassador
Rafaela Ortíz, Omaha, NE

“A lot of people are coming to this country looking for a dream without the background or family to help them. Reliv is attractive to Hispanics because it doesn’t require a huge investment, it’s easy to get started and you are generously compensated for hard work.”

Bronze Ambassador
Feliciano Mendoza, Houston, TX

“The beauty of Reliv is that success is not determined by age, education or where you live. Because of that, it offers a unique opportunity in this huge untapped market.”

Presidential Double Platinum Ambassadors

Linda and Richard Vance, Clayton, CA

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