Product Label Update

At Reliv we do things the right way and strictly abide by all good manufacturing practices and regulations that apply to our industry — always have and always will. That means we must periodically review and revise specifications and label claims to ensure accuracy and compliance with applicable regulations.

These periodic revisions are due to a number of factors including:

  • The complex, multi-ingredient nature of our formulas, with many ingredients contributing  to multiple nutrient values
  • Analytical testing variances
  • Changes in suppliers and ingredients to ensure best quality and source
  • Growing conditions and other external influences affecting ingredients


You may notice slight changes to the nutritional profile and label claims of our products with respect to certain nutrients to reflect our recent review and analysis. These label changes are a necessary result of our commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance. As stated above, we do things right at Reliv.

Rest assured that our formulas have not changed and our products will continue to provide the proven benefits you have come to expect and demand. We wouldn’t do anything less.

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