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SimplySuper-webSuper 60s are here!
Each Super Pack now comes with four 60-count bottles of LunaRich X™ and four cans of Reliv Now® (or Reliv Classic® — see below). That means the Super Pack is packaged to move even faster. Just pair one bottle with one can for consumers looking to simply try Reliv. Be sure to remind them that if they sign up as Distributors and order the whole Super Pack, they get an instant 25% savings!

Looking to build an organization of business builders? The Super Pack makes the decision to go Master Affiliate (Reliv’s top profit level) much easier too — just nine Super Packs and you’re already at MA qualifying volume.

Reliv has built Super Packs into the compensation plan section of the new Opportunity Presentation, highlighted them in LunaRich® brochures and featured them in additional sales tools. So are you ready to turn your organization into a product-moving machine? It’s time to get Super busy!

Classic Super Packs Are Here!
You asked and Reliv has delivered — the Reliv Classic Super Pack has arrived. You get four cans of Reliv Classic, our original nutritional formula, and four 60-count bottles of LunaRich X, our latest nutritional breakthrough. Now the business-boosting power of the Super Pack works for Classic fans too!

The most important part of any Reliv presentation comes at the end. People can’t join you if you don’t ask. The Super Pack “Ask for a Decision” Flyer makes it easy. Download yours today!

“The Super Pack removes the decision-making that used to hold Distributors up:

  • What products should I suggest to new people?
  • How do I get people who are interested in the products to consider the business?
  • How do I present the different Distributor levels — especially Master Affiliate?

The Super Pack comes with built-in answers to all of these questions.”
-Presidential Silver Ambassador Pam Thielen, Omaha, NE

“I rededicated myself to my Reliv business last year and by December I was back to being a 10-Star Director! I use the Super Pack to help me focus my efforts and to stay consistent. The Super Pack simplifies the business and fits perfectly into all aspects of the Reliv System.”
-Bronze Ambassador Leslie Hines, Santa Cruz, CA

“The Super Pack complements the same proven approach to building a Reliv business that’s worked since the beginning. And it provides an immediate, ready-to-go starting point for any new person. I recently added a new MA with a nine Super Pack order, and I plan to add a lot more!”
-Bronze Ambassador Jennifer Eaves, Lindon, UT

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