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RelivOnTheRoad-webTeamwork Produces Results
by Presidential Silver Ambassador Quila Buhler

Dr. Alfredo Galvez came to Portland in September to present the science of LunaRich®. The renowned researcher and discoverer of lunasin in our part of the country! Five months of diligent preparation produced an event to remember with 200+ people in attendance.

How did we do it? A group of committed Distributors took charge, that’s how. Nicola Ash headed up spreading the news — both within the local community and to outlying areas. Crismon Lewis secured a speaking engagement for Dr. Galvez at the National College of Natural Medicine the day before our event. And several others got busy getting people in the room.

Nicola had nearly 20 new people there; Holly Stern and Don Prather brought 18; and Crismon and Vivienne Lewis and Seth and Anne Light added 11, to name a few. The result: a packed room eager to learn about Reliv’s exclusive nutritional breakthrough. People who have been consuming our products for more than two decades came out to hear everything happening at Reliv right now. We have a hold of something special!

We worked together and treated this event for what it was — an incredible opportunity for Distributors in the Northwest to build their businesses. Teamwork requires both a team and work, which leads to rewards. We’ve learned as a group that by putting 100% effort into Reliv, we’re getting 100% out of it.

X Marks the Spot in Canada
by Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Steve Hastings

Lunarich X™! Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone wants it. And now Canada has it! Waterloo, Ontario, played host to the official launch event of LunaRich X in Canada in September. Scores of people packed the room, including many guests seeing a vision for a big future with Reliv for the first time.

Waterloo is a smaller city southwest of Toronto, but is big in the world of Reliv. Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Gary & Laura Lynn Martin and Ambassadors Florence & Elo Sauder continue to build bigger organizations from their hometown base. Local Distributors Jeff & Becky Bauman and Doug & Maria Weber are Ambassadors in the making and continue to share their excitement while bringing more business builders into Reliv.

Bronze Ambassadors Traian & Carolyn Florica made the trip up from the Windsor area with several members of their organization. Many Toronto-area leaders like Pam Vassell joined the event along with others from the surrounding area, including long-time Relivers John & Annette Stegenga, Willie Ruiter and Klaas Zeldenrust.

Along with LunaRich X came the launch of LunaRich Super Packs. Our Canadian Distributors had seen the business-boosting power of Super Packs in the U.S. and were ready to hit the ground running. And that’s exactly what they did! We saw spikes in both sales and organizational growth in Canada throughout the month of September. From here, the sky’s the limit. Duplication leads to momentum, and with LunaRich X, Super Packs, proven leadership and excited new Distributors, the Great White North is ready to take off!

Reliv Means Large Opportunity in Any Language
by Reliv President Ryan Montgomery

In late September, I had the pleasure of travelling to Boston for a Special Event. Reliv business in this part of the country is jumping! They’ve grabbed hold of the LunaRich® Super Pack and are using it to pump products through their organizations. No Distributors did a better job of that in August than Paul and Stephanie Collins, and I was proud to hand them a bonus check of $5,000 for finishing first in the nation that month.

The room pulsed with excitement — the “buzz” that only a room full of people excited about what they’re doing and where they’re headed can provide. Brit Lay did a fantastic job presenting the science behind our products, and Gena Winchell followed up perfectly in painting the big picture of the Reliv business opportunity. Most important of all, there were a lot of new people in the crowd, including new Master Affiliate Dave Funnel, who I handed a $600 Rookie Bonus.

A less formal gathering the night before was equally remarkable. Presidential Silver Ambassadors Bob and Sue Brusa took me to a Brazilian steakhouse with area leaders, followed by fellowship with Pastor Marco and friends at his nearby church. With a few dozen interested folks attending, Paul Collins set up a Reliv presentation and stories of health and business. The best part was hearing Marco translate it all into Portuguese! I’ve heard Reliv events in Spanish, German, French and Dutch, but this was a first. Several new people signed up on the spot with one couple seeing the big picture and ordering an MA Super Bundle.

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