4 Business Tips from a Reliv Presidential Director




bettyblazic-webReliv Presidential Director Betty Blazic shares her advice to new and seasoned Reliv Distributors.

Don’t be shy about asking other people for help and give others help in return. Expand your circles by meeting new people everywhere you go (especially Reliv corporate events like MATS). Be open to receiving wisdom from others who have built a successful business. Hire teams of helpful people. Hire your kids. Don’t be afraid to ask for computer help, tax help and household help when you need it. Be available to help anyone who might need your expertise, or even just your time. When you help someone with their health or income, it does your heart good.

Know Your Business
I have learned along the way that you should watch, listen and learn. You do not own your business until you can explain what you do on a napkin or in a 3-minute speech. It is a simple plan and people are impressed that they can understand it also. Be prepared to share your own story of improved health or business success so that others can relate and start to dream what Reliv can do for them. Keep your message simple until you know that someone is ready to hear more; the essence of this business is that it is an opportunity that appeals to everyone.

Recognition Matters
Bob Montgomery once said, “People work for money, but they die for recognition.” Reliv is the very best company I know of for giving recognition when it’s due. My husband and I have earned 75 Dr. Ted Awards in the past 14 years. If we don’t get 16,100 (the amount requited to earn a Dr. Ted award) in volume, we don’t expect to earn a top 10 bonus. Those $1,000 to $5,000 checks are sure nice! Throughout the years as Reliv Distributors we have earned travel, cash and in-person recognition, and every bit of that has been the icing on the cake.

A Humanitarian Award is like an Emmy. For those of you who are new, that is 30,100 in volume in one month. The award is large and heavy. We have eight of them, and they are lovely reminders of our hard work and dedication.

Be Ambitious
An appointment kept teaches others about your credibility. People want to know that you are capable of punctuality. Your credibility depends on showing up and being fully present. Make a goal and work on it daily, weekly and monthly. You get paid for your effort, so you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t achieve big. Put a time limit on your goals and set the bar higher as you achieve more and more. A goal should be hard to reach, but possible. Never work for minimums. Most importantly – never quit.

You can use excuses or reasons to build this business. Which one do you choose?


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