December 2014 Recognition and Paraiso Maya Winners


Join us in congratulating the following Reliv Distributors who earned cash bonuses in the month of December! We also congratulate the winners of our Paraiso Maya trip promotion. 

1. David & Betty Blazic from Kansas
2. Annette & David Wells from Utah
3. Maureen & Ken Soens from Michigan
4. Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas
5. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon
6. Terry & Sally Cover from Pennsylvania
7. Godfrey Osayamwen from Texas
8. Wendy & Edward Juergens from Massachusetts
9. Fannie & Vernon Kinsinger from Missouri
10. Dawn & David Vanamberg from Michigan
11. Al & Jan Hagopian from Wisconsin
12. Steve & Joyce Holthaus from Illinois
13. Darla & Donald Sieverding from Iowa
14. Marvin & Mary Gehman from Pennsylvania
15. Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire
16. Lori & Russ Doerneman from Kansas
17. Scott & Deborah Weaver from Pennsylvania
18. Mindy Jones from Georgia
19. Carla & Quinn Pence from Kansas
20. Rukia Mohamud from California
21. Eileen & James Tesch from Michigan
22. Leslie & David Hines from California
23. Ron & Lisa McCain from Missouri
24. Ron & Lori Moore from Arizona
25. Norm & Denise Williams from North Carolina
26. Marscia & Jeff Fleagle from Ohio
27. Sue & Bob Brusa from New Hampshire
28. Carla & David Palosaari from Michigan
29. Susan & Paul Pouliot from New Jersey
30. Jonathan & Marjorie Gehman from Pennsylvania

(Drawn from new November & December Master Affiliates; sponsors also win the trip)

Arlene Detweiler and sponsor Naomi Kauffman from Michigan
Cathy Harrington and sponsor Michaela Ryan from Minnesota
Tricia King and sponsor Sheila & Norm Karsevar from South Carolina
Frank Ogbonna and sponsor Fidelis Ochonogor from Texas
Omar Osman from Maine and sponsor Zaynab Abdi from Washington

Additional Distributor Recognition from December

KEY DIRECTORS (each receives $500)
Asad Hassan & Fatuma Timayare from Canada
Karen Ilmberger from California
Hawa Muse from Canada
Fidelis Ochonogor from Texas
Godfrey Osayamwen from Texas

Terry & Sally Cover from Pennsylvania
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon
Godfrey Osayamwen from Texas
Maureen & Ken Soens from Michigan

1. Godfrey Osayamwen from Texas – $1000
2. Fidelis Ochonogor from Texas – $800
3. Isterlin Hassan from California – $700
4. Shukri Naley from Minnesota – $600
5. Cathy Harrington from Minnesota – $500
6. Mary Pompeo from Michigan – $450
7. Salome Fisher from Pennsylvania – $400
8. Willanna Gibbs from Minnesota – $350
9. Tricia King from South Carolina – $300
10. John & Emma Byler from California – $250

Lena Auker from Pennsylvania
Samuel & Martha Borntreger from Missouri
Eileen Campbell from Texas
Sheila & Norm Karsevar from South Carolina
Rukia Mohamud from California (receives $200 for sponsoring 2 in the Top 10)
Fidelis Ochonogor from Texas
Michaela Ryan from Minnesota
Janet Stejskal from Minnesota
Eileen & James Tesch from Michigan


4 thoughts on “December 2014 Recognition and Paraiso Maya Winners

  1. Congratulations to all of my fellow Reliv distributors for all their accomplishments. I love this company! They make everyone a better version of themselves and help those people to do the same. Duplication doesn’t get any better than that! Looking forward to seeing so many friends in Mexico. Thank you, Reliv!

  2. Congratulations to all those Trip earners… you are an amazing group of people and so looking forward to seeing you in Mexico. Reliv Really does make Dreams come true if we focus on others.

  3. Congratulations to all my fellow Reliv distributors who have earned this trip to Mexico! Every distributor that’s working this business will see great things happen this year. It’s not just about earning the trip, but the momentum that you have started will continue to pay you. Yes, Reliv does make dreams come true!

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