From Food to Nutrition: A Century of Challenges, Priorities & Progress


By popular demand, a recording of this month’s nutrition webinar, “From Food to Nutrition:  A Century of Challenges, Priorities & Progress,” is now available for viewing. Learn how changes in the last century in food production and processing, as well as consumer behaviors, have produced unintended health problems — and what you can do to reverse the trend. Hosted by Tina Van Horn, Director of Research and Business Development at SL Technology, Inc., a Reliv Company.

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One thought on “From Food to Nutrition: A Century of Challenges, Priorities & Progress

  1. Thank you for all the resarch thst is hapeming! I am a Physical Therspist and was initially drawn to the company because of the research vs anectdoctal reporting. I have my own evidence now, with intericukar pressures deveeasing from 24 and 26 to 16 in both eyes after 1 yesr on the products!
    Thank you for sharing whst is hsppening- evidence is everything in the medical field, and i am so thankful for Dr. Fred and Dr. Carl! Thank you to sll thr stsff at SL and at Reliv International!

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