Super Results, Super Opportunity

Goltiao-webRudy and Aggie Goltiao, Morgan Hill, California

Aggie placed an order and got us started right away after our good friend, Sonny Mitchell, told us about Reliv. I had a triple bypass in 1998 at age 54 and have been going to the doctor every six months for blood testing because the maintenance drugs can damage my liver. I was looking for something natural to get my high cholesterol and my health under control.

I started taking Reliv Now® and LunaRich  X™ on a fairly regular basis. When I saw real results, I got serious about making Reliv a part of my daily regimen. I knew I had found something that worked, and my doctor confirmed it. My cholesterol has come back into the normal range thanks to Reliv.

Opportunity of a Lifetime
For 27 years I ran the Chevron station in San Jose. It’s hard to find time to go on vacation with a store that’s always open. With Reliv I’m no longer limited to the shop’s radius for customers — I can do my business worldwide. I even have a customer in Maryland! And we don’t have to mess with having employees or overhead expenses.

My downline Distributors caught on to the LunaRich® Super Pack and we’ve seen our business explode — we reached Key Director in May. It’s a pleasure to introduce people to Reliv. We’re helping people earn money through the business and save money on healthcare by preventing problems before they start.

6 thoughts on “Super Results, Super Opportunity

  1. Mandy:
    Thank you for being so helpful to me this week!!
    My question now is: where do I find the chart that tells me all of the vitamins in “NOW?”
    Thank you, Mandy!!

    Lyle Botimer
    Loma Linda, CA
    248 444 6749

  2. I really miss the Reliv skincare products. How can I get a list of the ingredients in the eye/wrinkle cream? It is no longer available. I want to find something with the same ingredients if possible. It has really worked to reduce lines in my skin around my eyes and other wrinkles on my face. It also helped with a drooping eye lid that I had trouble with. I hope you can help me find a replacement for this unique product.
    Thank you,
    Maxine Maxfield
    Reliv Distributor

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