How to Achieve Success with the LunaRich Super Pack



Extra Incentive
People see the value and simplicity of the LunaRich® Super Pack right away — especially the MA Super Pack. It gave reluctant prospects of mine the extra incentive to sign on as MAs, and they moved nine Super Packs right away. I have a new reason to approach and re-approach everyone on my list. I’m so excited about LunaRich and what’s happening at Reliv and it shows! – Diane Everett, Pinckney, Michigan

Simple Success
I’ve been working Reliv very part time for 11 years, but I earned my first Reliv trip in April with the help of the Super Pack. It simplifies the business, which makes talking about Reliv easier for new people. You don’t have to be a nutrition scientist; you just tell people to drink Reliv Now® shakes and take LunaRich X™ capsules every day. When their health results come — which they always do — they’re ready to build their own business right along with you. – Dave Zuro, Crestwood, Illinois

Easy Decision
The Super Pack simplifies the decision to get started. It directs people to the products to start on (Reliv Now and LunaRich X) and the profit level to start at (25% discount or MA Super Pack). Combined with the reduced profit level qualifications introduced this year, the Master Affiliate Super Pack makes the decision to go MA much easier. Instead of wondering how they are going to move thousands in volume, prospective MAs think, “I can move nine Super Packs!” – Paul Collins of Goffstown, New Hampshire 

Instant Earnings
We ordered our first Master Affiliate (MA) Super Pack the day they launched.  Before the order even arrived home, we had sold it and earned an instant $500! From there, we just kept moving Super Packs and worked our way onto the Quebec City trip. The Super Pack is the fastest strategy to sponsor and advance people within your organization. The key to success is to be prepared when opportunity arises, and your opportunity is the LunaRich Super Pack. – Rita and Jaime Montenegro, San Jose, CA

2 thoughts on “How to Achieve Success with the LunaRich Super Pack

  1. I am :re-starting with Reliv after several years. Little confused about selling the Super Packs.

    Do we sell them as a full Pack, break them up and sell the products individually?

    Also, we get the discount and sell the contents of the Packs at SRP?

    Please help me understand. Thanks.

  2. Hi Chris!

    The SuperPack makes it easy for someone to move up the levels in our compensation plan. 1 SuperPack and you’re at 25%. 2 SuperPacks and you are immediately at 30%.

    I’m a brand new distributor. I’ve started my business with 1 SuperPack. What do I do:

    1) Start using Now and LRX every day – that’s 1Can and 1LRX60.

    2) Identify some other people to talk with, let them see a “tool” (video, Lifestyle, etc.) and then help them get started on their own 1 month supply. You can do that with 3 people!

    3) Using the SRP, you’ll earn retail profit, and your customer will have a GREAT VALUE – fantastic nutrition for a bit more than $3/Day.

    Do this again, and you’re earning even more, because you’ll be at 30% Profit! This is what you can show people right away to help them get started. Keep Going!

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