Why Reliv?



People become part of Reliv for a lot of reasons: to improve their health, to earn extra money, to enjoy a better lifestyle, to achieve financial independence, even to change the world. That’s the best part about Reliv — you can make it whatever you want it to be. Watch the video above and see for yourself.

So we gotta ask: “What’s your why?” Share your why in the comments below and we’ll enter your name into a drawing to win one of five “Ask me about my story” Reliv t-shirts.

24 thoughts on “Why Reliv?

  1. Absolutely love this new video! You nailed it again, Reliv!
    My why….to make a difference for my family and everyone around me!

  2. This video hit on so many of my whys and jump started my heart for Reliv. My big why?… Because we want our dreams to become real and everyone deserves that chance.

  3. I am only a customer with reliv, but I started because I wanted a more natural approach to managing my health issues

  4. I love Reliv products and my why is to change other peoples lives and see a difference in them with smiles of comfort and joy and informative testimony not just my own

  5. My name is Rich Figiel I live in Chicago my daily commute consist of meditative listening on the radio when I heard Diane Helmold express Reliv I called placed my order, and have not had a regret for doing so, I know most of the people in the video too Reliv is great , I’ve start doing this just for my health and now I’m looking at it from a business standpoint.Reliv is the best supplement I have tried and has work like no other , ever ! I have introduced Reliv to my coworkers, and have been told by them they are excited how Reliv works for them, in less than two months . I thank God I thank all of you for teaching me how Reliv can be a solution introducing me to a great product.

  6. My Why??? WHY NOT. I have nothing to lose but degenerating health. I bet you haven’t found anything better. And if you don’t try Reliv, you just might have missed your — WHAT IF–chance for great health.

  7. Through Reliv you can support others to accomplish their wildest imaginations – who in turn support others to accomplish their wildest imaginations!

  8. My why is that I have seen great results my self and want to see others improve their health as well!

  9. My daughter is getting married!! And I want to bwe able to treavel to my kids :)…and I just love helping people!!

  10. i love reliv because it does help me a lot i am dead many years ago with out reliv i highly introduced to peoples this reliv products, this is amazing..

  11. When I first got started, it was to stay home with my son, Curt, which I was able to do because of Reliv. Before my son’s passing, his biggest concern was providing for his two children. My why NOW is to build a business that will be passed on to Curt’s two children, my grandbabies…Abel and Rylan Mocilan. 🙂

  12. I wanted to share the product that has helped me with my family and friends. Plus who wouldn’t like to earn some money while doing that!

  13. I just received my first bottle of Reliv on the testimony of others who my mentor, Marie introduced me to. I had heard so many wonderful things being said I just had to try it. At 65 I must say that I have quite a few health issues. The most prominent of which has been pain and inflammation in my ankles. I have 70+ year old friends that get around better than I did. Notice the word “did”! On my first day I took only two capsules of Reliv. I didn’t feel much different at first but as the day wore on I discovered I was walking with such ease – and with no pain! That’s only after taking two capsules! Not only that but generally by 2pm in the afternoon I would have to take a nap because I would be tired. It is now 5:46pm and not only am I not tired but I’m alert! This is truly very powerful So, my why as of today is “Because It Works”! Thanks Reliv!

  14. I worked in a factory doing mostly 12 and 16 hour shifts.
    My why, “to give my husband his wife back!”

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