Our Story: Three Generations of Reliv


For Pam Nerber, Jessicah Knight and Becky Smith (left to right), Reliv is a family affair. All three have recently become Master Affiliates and are on their way to making a big impact with the help of Reliv and the support of each other. 

Name: Pamela Nerber

Hometown: Colbert, GA

Gigs: Reliv, housekeeper

Reliv regimen: Reliv Now® LunaRich X™, 24K™

Powerful start: My first experience with Reliv was dramatic. I had an infection in my gum and tooth. After taking LunaRich X capsules, I ended up keeping the tooth.

A new lifestyle: With Reliv I have much more energy and think more clearly. I have lost weight and no longer come home exhausted at the end of the day.

Looking forward: My goals include earning enough to pursue Reliv full-time and having the freedom to spend more time with special-needs people, one of my passions. I tell anyone who will listen about what Reliv has done for me and my family.

Name: Jessicah Knight

Hometown: Colbert, GA

Gigs: Reliv, stay-at-home mom

Reliv regimen: Reliv Now, LunaRich X, 24K

Inspiring beginning: I learned about Reliv from my grandmother and was very skeptical. I reluctantly went to a Reliv presentation and left excited after hearing so many inspiring stories.

Steps towards prevention: We have a family history of Crohn’s disease and I wanted to take steps now to limit any symptoms. I also suffered from back problems, daily headaches and fatigue. I began taking the products on Easter and have already seen tremendous results.

Finding the answer: I know the improvement I have seen is from my body getting everything it needs to work properly. I am very grateful to have an active, energetic lifestyle again and can’t wait to share these products with everyone I know!

Name: Becky Smith

Hometown: Crossville, TN

Gigs: Reliv, retired secretary

Reliv regimen: Reliv Now, LunaRich X, 24K

Making the difference: Reliv helped us so much from the very beginning. It made such a difference that we wanted to share the benefits with others while also earning rewards through a great financial opportunity. This business is all about helping people.

On her own time: I love that I can share Reliv when it is convenient for me. There isn’t a set time I have to be in an office doing work I don’t like. I’m my own boss and I can make my own schedule.

A Reliv family: It’s been so great to work with our daughter and granddaughter while helping people improve their health. We’re building a bigger income and a better future.

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