You Could Win This Book By Thursday


Title: You Can Be Rich by Thursday: The Secrets of Making a Fortune in Multi-Level Marketing

Author: Tom Pinnock, Reliv Hall of Famer

A quote that stood out to me: “After all, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you are never going to get ahead by working for someone else.”

What is the main lesson you learned from this book? Finding the right multi-level marketing company for you is essential. Do your homework and once you’ve decided on a company, work hard now so that you won’t have to later.

One practical piece of advice from this book: Following up with people is key; you have to treat your business like a business to be successful.

This book is an ideal pick for: People who are new to MLMs, as well as seasoned Distributors who could use a fresh perspective and brush up on the basics. It’s a perfect gift for someone interested in joining Reliv, because it gives a great depiction of what being in this business is actually like.

Win a signed copy! In the comments below, share the best piece of advice you ever received for succeeding with Reliv and we’ll enter your name to win one of 30 free copies of the book signed by Tom! 


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  1. The best advice i have received to help move my reliv buisness forward is that the one who does the most 3 way calls wins.

  2. Best advice was to share Reliv like a good movie i have seen and to be excited change my voice like i am talking to a baby and tell them oh my gosh you need to look at what i am taking or what i am doing!!!! I love Reliv!!!! My God told me because Lunasin is sold exclusively to Reliv that i need to invest in Reliv!!’ Best decision i have ever made!!!

  3. Get out and be involved in different groups, church groups, community groups, kids school activities groups etc. The more people that you are around the more opportunities you will have to meet people that will want or need to be with Reliv.
    Also a everyday simple prayer!
    God, Please who can You guide me to today that needs Reliv in their life?

  4. My key guiding points,
    Decide what is my definite purpose , back your definite purpose with an unquenchable Burning Desire. Fortify your Definite Purpose and Burning Desire with a Definite Plan.
    Jim Schaben

  5. Oh man!!! Just ONE piece of advice? I think the best of all is just not giving up. Also, when you’re “up” go down and when you’re “down” go up! Oh and I also like “you can never say the right thing to the wrong person or the wrong thing to the right person.” I could go on and on!

  6. I can always remember Bob standing up on stage saying that there are two types of people those who make money and those who quit. Well I being Navy will never quit Reliv. Thanks to Bob and his team and to Tom for the book.

  7. The best thing I’ve learned is to listen not only with my ears but with my heart allowing me to communicate what I have to offer that will be of value to each new person I talk with. It’s all about new people experiencing the value of Reliv for them and then they are truly committed for life and tell others what they’ve found.

  8. I like what Bob always said at conference, you can make money or you can quit in Reliv. Well, I like that just like the Navy or any other opportunity you can quit or stay with it and make it. For me, I am not quitting, I am Reliv forever.
    Thanks for Bob and the Reliv Team for keeping us encouraged. Thanks for Tom and all he is doing and writing the book.
    CAPT Steven Lucks
    Reliv Independent Distributor

  9. I will never forget the one thing a very successful ambassador told me about succeding in Reliv, always’remember we all have the same product and the same compensation plan, and it’s not what you say it’s how you say it because the only thing that will hold you back is you! Your business will succeed because it changes peoples lives,financially and with their health. After many years I have never forgotten this advice.

  10. I was told, “Enthusiasm is contagious. Help people make a decision.” It has dramatically changed my outlook. I think about that advice everyday.

  11. One of the best pieces of advice that I have received is to expect to hear no, but don’t let that get you down or discouraged, press on because there are plenty of yeses out there.

  12. When you are going to a first appointment with someone, instead of thinking about or worrying about making a “sale,” think of questions you can ask your contact to get to know them and their needs better. Work at making a new friend who knows you care about them.

  13. This sums it up for me and I need to be reminded periodically: “To be successful in MLM you must be duplicable and to do that you must keep things simple……It does not, however, require you to know everything about your products. If you try to become an expert regarding the formulations and ingredients of nutrition, jewelry, car wax or whatever you sell, and then teach that to your downline, your complicating the process. In network marketing, we sell results, and we do that by telling stories” You Can Be Rich By Thursday” by Tom Pinnock p. 99

  14. Once your wall of belief is nonnegotiable, EACH day, CONFIDENTLY move forward knowing that the next person you come in contact with–they don’t know it–BUT YOU just might be THE person that has THE answers for helping them find their lost hope for their health or finances.

  15. A good friend of my, Jim Schaben, told me ‘It has to happen in your head to happen in mind.’
    Since then I have created my own affirmations that I say every day and many times a day to myself. You need to believe in what your doing and create a plan of action in order to make it happen!

  16. Since I work Reliv part time, I was told to do at least one thing for my business each day, and to listen to at least part of a call each to day to further my knowledge and continually keep me motivated. It works for me!

  17. The best advice I have gotten from my upline ambassadors is to treat customers and potential customers like you would like to be treated with great follow up and excellent customer service. Spell it all out for them so they know exactly what RELIV can offer them. Health and financial security go hand and hand in this business.

  18. Ambassador Mary Peters, who is 4 levels above me in my upline, is a wonderful mentor! She inspires me, as she has 9 children, and I have 11! She has told me many times to ‘never, never, never give up!’
    I always think of this when I have times of struggle with my business. Thank you, Mary Peters!!

  19. The first thoughts that came to mind when I read this are “Never quit.” and “Treat everyone like they have a tattoo on their forehead that says ‘Make me feel important'”

  20. Visualize success. Be a product of your products. Look, act and speak professionally. Relate individual needs to Reliv products. Follow through. The rest is having a goal and setting attainable steps. Reward yourself for any progress great or small.

  21. Personal advice from one of Reliv’s top distributors (he talked to 36 people and got 36 “no”s), in keeping with the don’t quit mindset, when things haven’t gone as hoped for Reliv is a very forgiving business, start over.

  22. I have this sticky note on my fridge from 6/10/10. It is from two great leader in Reliv. They
    live in Chicago and I live in Virginia. They came to the Washington are to do a training and stayed with me for a few days to help. As always in Reliv, I received great life lessons by their example. This is what they left me on that sticky note. Keep Going Maureen! 1. Talk to people!. 2. Connect them to Us. 3. Do appointments and success is yours. It is that SIMPLE, but it is not EASY. We did it and so can you! Love ya, Diane Helmold and Mary Peters.

  23. “If Reliv doesn’t work [as a business] for both spouses, don’t do it.”
    That may sound like a negative, but as great as Reliv is sometimes relationship dynamics won’t allow peace in the middle of a distributorship when both spouses have different visions for what role Reliv plays in the family. However, unless one can’t, only an idiot would not drink the products. Who says, “I do not want to be healthier?” 🙂

  24. Early on I was told if I never give up I’ll succeed. Its like going through a deck of cards. I’ll get some jokers, customers, distributors but the aces are hard to come by. The people who go out and build a career with Reliv are the aces and it might take several decks to find them. So I will not let up, shut up or give up until I’m taken up. Actually I’m getting warmed up. You got it I’m motivated!!

  25. When I was on a Monday Night Corporate Call with Tom Pinnock a few years ago, he said something that I have used constantly, on social media, my business cards and in conversation. He said, “Reliv is an opportunity of the heart…to help love somebody…”
    Indeed, when he was here in Minnesota I reminded him of it. That quote, such beautiful advice, is very near and dear in my heart, and would love it to be signed in my book from him!!!! 🙂

  26. I agree with Jason Alexander from the UK who stated ” Don’t let other people steal your dream”
    It’s all in your mindset. Stay focused. Other people aren’t paying your bills so don’t let them tell you that you can’t be successful.

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