You Could Win This Book By Thursday


Title: You Can Be Rich by Thursday: The Secrets of Making a Fortune in Multi-Level Marketing

Author: Tom Pinnock, Reliv Hall of Famer

A quote that stood out to me: “After all, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you are never going to get ahead by working for someone else.”

What is the main lesson you learned from this book? Finding the right multi-level marketing company for you is essential. Do your homework and once you’ve decided on a company, work hard now so that you won’t have to later.

One practical piece of advice from this book: Following up with people is key; you have to treat your business like a business to be successful.

This book is an ideal pick for: People who are new to MLMs, as well as seasoned Distributors who could use a fresh perspective and brush up on the basics. It’s a perfect gift for someone interested in joining Reliv, because it gives a great depiction of what being in this business is actually like.

Win a signed copy! In the comments below, share the best piece of advice you ever received for succeeding with Reliv and we’ll enter your name to win one of 30 free copies of the book signed by Tom! 


77 thoughts on “You Could Win This Book By Thursday

  1. Always tell the person to whom you are introducing to Reliv the WHY this person is on your mind and in your heart to hear about the beauty of the reliv products, its mission, and the wonderful opportunity this company offers and to share the whole story in nutshell format with excitement and conviction! Now go do it!

  2. Most recently the best advise I received about succeeding with Reliv was from a Reliv Blog that was a recent great workshop. “You control how many people you talk to about Reliv.” Thanks to Reliv Rachel & I are regaining our health & step by step building a residual income. Our thanks goes to Reliv & the Reliv Family.

  3. Tuesday: Maybe you need a business – Susan McConnell, Bronze Ambassador. Thursday: Sponsored first MA and became an MA myself. Thanks Reliv for building such an incredible company! Birds of a feather…

  4. A “no” is not always a “no.” This has proven to be true several times in my business so follow-up is key as is revisiting those people who may not have been interested at a different time or in different circumstances.

  5. The best advice I’ve been given is that we don’t have to try to SELL Reliv to anyone. All we have to do is SHARE, and then the selling takes care of itself.

  6. Best advice: a “no” is just a “no, not now”. Most helpful words: a local Reliv friend (who did not sponsor me) wishing I was in her downline!

  7. All these comments are so wonderful and encouraging! We should make some fb posters out of them. 🙂 The best advice I’ve received is: “Never quit!” “Know you Why and remember that every day.” “Think about them, listen to them, care about them. It’s not about you.”

  8. The best advice I have received was to ” keep it simple”. We also believe to share from our hearts.

  9. The advice that I received was “You don’t have to do this yourself! Your upline is here to help you”. What keeps me going is the desire to help others as much as I have been helped with this product!

  10. “Find what you love and DO IT WITH PASSION”! that is why I love doing Reliv, because my passion in Reliv is helping others with their businesses and health and it’s something that doesn’t disappear with road blocks.

  11. Coming from corporate America, Bob is this first CEO to ever say put your faith in God 1st, family 2nd and work (Reliv) 3rd. Showed me the values of this company early in our Reliv adventure.

    1. Thanks for your question – we’ve already selected the winners of this contest, but stay tuned! There will be more contests very soon!

  12. How many people do you know? That question pushed me when we moved to a new town, to become active in the community and do things I had never done before to build new relationships..

  13. The best advice which helps me in building my business and consistently do the follow up is”people don’t really care how much you know what you say to them, until they know how much you care about them.” Follow up does help people realize how much you care, how much you want them to be health and wealth as well as building relationship with them.

  14. I am listening to Thursday night leadership calls. I have really benefited from these calls and I am learning to establish “an atmosphere in which others can thrive” as I build my business!

  15. As a new Master Affiliate since August of 2014 I found myself trying to “be” like my Sponsor or others that she was introducing me to. At the Impact West and East I learned that I am an individual and I just need to be “myself” and “keep it simple”.

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