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Joyce Ferguson

Reliv Ambassador Joyce Ferguson shares her suggestions for the Reliv Book Club! Have you read this book or have a suggestion to share? Leave it in the comments below! 

Book: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Authors: Chip Heath and Dan Heath

What is the main lesson you learned from this book? I’ve enjoyed the entire book, so it’s hard to cite one specific passage. The whole book is full of stories of great changes wrought in organizations and companies by people without great power or influence using small substantive efforts. This book has helped me realize that big things can happen from small efforts.

What is one practical piece of advice from this book? My favorite concept from this book is “Bright Spot Thinking,” which asks us to zero in on what is going well and duplicate it. We’re challenged to pay less attention to what is going wrong and complaining about the size of the problem.

A quotation that stood out to me: “You are simply asking yourself, ‘What’s working and how can we do more of it?’

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3 thoughts on “Reliv Book Club: Joyce Ferguson

  1. The only reason I know anyone would love picking strawberries is that they are very hungry for raw strawberries. Keep up the great work Mandy and put plenty away for next winter. Strawberries will brighten up those Reliv shakes that in return give you the power to do some more picking and grinning.

  2. It is difficult to limit to one best piece of advice, however, one recently, which really struck a bell with me from Tom Pinnock’s book is how he seemingly majored on one product in his succeeding years. When I lay all the different products before new people who have never heard of Reliv, or know little of it, they seem overwhelmed. Then it is easier, or safer, for them to walk away with nothing.
    This idea was also brought out at International Conference this past July.

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