How to Find and Expose New People to Reliv


Your business grows only when you bring new people into Reliv. This workshop, featuring four Distributor leaders making things happen, shows you successful approaches to building your organization. You’ll hear from Presidential Silver Ambassadors Sue and Bob Brusa and Ambassador Paul and Cayla Collins about what to do once you’ve made your initial contact with a new person.

2 thoughts on “How to Find and Expose New People to Reliv

  1. Is worth listening to this presentation. Learn somethig that may cange the sourse of your life perhaps for the better. great investment of time.

  2. Love this video! Some great tips and inspiration that have really helped me to get motivated with this business! Only thing is I can only watch till 27:45 and then it stops…. I have shared it but it still doesn’t play until the end! Would love to see the rest of this!

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