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Reliv’s Chairman and CEO Robert L. Montgomery has a book recommendation for you! If you’ve got a great book to recommend, contact

Book: Psycho-Cybernetics

Author: Maxwell Maltz

What is the main lesson you learned from this book? I learned that having struggles with self-esteem is more common that most people think. We all deal with feeling not good enough from time to time, and it’s important to be gentle with ourselves and others.

Did this book give you new ideas about yourself? It made me realize that we are all just a product of how much value we give ourselves. Opportunities present themselves to people who are confident and ready to take on a new challenge. If you have a poor opinion of yourself, you might not notice all the possibility around you.

What is one practical piece of advice from this book? It taught me that disasters don’t need a rehearsal. If you waste your time thinking about all the ways something can go wrong, it won’t make you stronger when it does. There’s no way to know what’s just around the corner, so you might as well be positive in your thoughts and hope for the best. Worrying doesn’t equal planning.

A quotation that stood out to me: “Anything that can be conceived, and believed, can be achieved.”


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  1. Two classic I suggest are How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Also, many of the books by Zig Ziglar are inspirational.

  2. Two new books. Attended book signing of Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter, authorized by Napoleon Hill Foundation. Also long time friend and speaker, Rita Davenport shared her new book Funny Side Up. Rita’s book is one that makes you laugh, cry and reflect on life.

  3. In a ‘personal development business’….Reliv is helping us all grow our self esteem. That is something we are good at. Bob, several years ago you quoted this book at conference and it went on our shelf. Thank you. Valuable.

  4. In a ‘personal development business’….Reliv is helping us all grow our self esteem. That is something we are good at. Bob, several years ago you quoted this book at conference and it went on our shelf. Thank you. Valuable.

    The two books Joe suggested are ones I’ve also heard you mention.

  5. Thank you for this book club! Bob’s book recommendation is next on my list! Never heard of it before. I just finished reading the “22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness” by Greg Anderson. Excellent! I also love Tom Pinnock’s book, “You Can Be Rich By Thursday” and authors Carnegie, John Maxwell, and Ziglar.

  6. Psychocybernetics! read it many years ago and use it daily. When I put my bird feeder back out in the morning (raccoons) I imagine threading the wire through the loop before I do it (it is up high) and it is so helpful. that was a principle in the book. to imagine success in a very real and detailed picture in your mind. imagine throwing a basket ball through the hoop. first imagine it fully in your mind, how it will feel, look arcing into the hoop, the sound of the net. see it again. Now do it for real and see the way the mind now guides to succeed. it really works in many areas of life. !compadre!

  7. Ordering psychocybernetics today. My recommendation is Success is a Choice, Change Your Choices, Change Your Life by Tommy Newberry. Awesome book!

  8. Thank you so much for establishing this book club! I am looking forward to adding these titles to my library and sharing with all of you when I come across something of interest!

  9. After Bob Montgomery recommended Psycho-Cybernetics at one of the conferences, I ordered the book. It ranks among my top ten of favorite books. I just finished reading Tom Pinnock’s book, You Can be Rich by Thursday. I wish I had that book when I first connected with Reliv ten years ago. This book should be included into every Distributer’s Pack. I think it would have made a big difference for me if I could have used his principles before I burned so many potentials. I could almost hear Tom talk as I read the book. It is so much Tom Pinnock. I highly recommend this book for all ages. It just climbed inside the top ten of my favorites.
    Patrecia Gray

  10. I like this book club blog – and I would recommend the book “QBQ – The Question Behind the Question” by John G. Miller. This book looks at practicing Personal Accountability and eliminate blame, victim thinking, complaining, and procrastination. The book has you rethinking to ask questions like: How can I adapt to the changing world? What can I do to develop myself? How can I help? What can Id do to understand other people’s challenges and frustrations? How can I become part of the solution? and What can I do today to excel at my work? As you can see by asking these questions to yourself you will change how you see people.
    Steven Lucks
    Board Certified Health Practitioner
    Independent Reliv Distributor

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