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We sat down with Reliv Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Steve Hastings to find out how Reliv plans to speed up business in 2014

The LunaRich® Super Pack offers a whole new way to share Reliv’s products and opportunity. How did the idea for the Super Pack come about?
We added LunaRich to Reliv Now® in 2012 and before long, it became our top-selling product. We introduced LunaRich X™ capsules in January 2013 and they took off too, now ranking number two in sales. Then the remarkable results from the University of Missouri study of Reliv Now and LunaRich X came out last summer. And, most importantly, we heard all the great results people were getting on these two products. We recognized that packaging them together could provide a major boost to business.

The research and scientific evidence behind this combo connect with people looking for optimal health. And the results consumers are experiencing — in a relatively short time span — have been dramatic! We wanted a way to make that connection even stronger and to make it very simple for consumers to get started on a Reliv regimen.

How can the Super Pack help Distributors build business?
Simple and fast duplication is one of the keys to building a financially sound Reliv business. The easier it is to get new, excited Distributors moving Reliv products through their organization — to their own new Distributors and consumers — the quicker their business will grow. Super Packs are a product-moving machine!

Super Packs simplify both how Distributors can present Reliv to new people and how new people can decide to get started. There’s no need to learn all sorts of options. Reliv Now and LunaRich X are a great foundation for a Reliv nutrition program for anyone. And since the Super Packs fit perfectly into the Reliv compensation plan, you can offer immediate savings for new consumers.  For people considering the business, the nine-plus-one-free MA Super Pack offers the biggest profit potential Reliv has ever offered — and a pre-packaged way to more easily move their first Master Affiliate order.

Reliv’s theme for 2014 is ‘Next Level.’ What does that mean for Reliv Distributors?
The beauty of a Reliv business is that it is YOUR business! You have no boss, no mandated schedule, no deadlines. But that also means that you are the only person who can ultimately make it succeed. You have to decide what you want to do with your business.

Many people say they want to build a career income with Reliv. Great! Reliv has created the Road to Presidential Director as a way to set goals and track your progress on your way there. Are you new to Reliv? Set your sites on Key Director and that $1000 monthly income that comes with it. Already at Key Director? Then what’s next for you? No matter where you are on the Road to PD, identify what’s next and put a plan in place to get there.

Of course, moving up the Director ranks is only the vehicle to achieve what really matters: a better life for you and your family. Maybe you want to earn enough for a vacation this year. Perhaps you want to bring your spouse home from an unfulfilling corporate job. Or maybe it’s time to finally start living your dream of financial freedom. No matter your goal, identify what you want to achieve this year and hit that Next Level!

What can people still expect to see from Reliv in 2014?
The best is yet to come! In the next month, we’re rolling out a whole new business training program, complete with presentation slides, how-to videos and web support. Our marketing team is also developing a new “Blue Man” video about the Reliv opportunity, a new product catalog, new website updates and other new tools to help you build. And later this year comes the tool many of you have been waiting for — all-new, completely re-designed personal websites with added functionality to speed up your business growth. There’s a reason we chose the theme “Next Level!”

Speaking of Next Level, why should Distributors attend the Next Level International Conference in Kansas City on July 24-26?

We live at a time when the struggle to focus our attention has never been more difficult, or more chaotic. Think about it: while technology has made your world smaller in some ways, it has also produced an overwhelming flood of information and distractions. The ability to focus on what is truly important in achieving your goals is a constant challenge, making the need to “recharge” your focused energy more critical to success than ever.

That’s where International Conference comes in. After 22 years with this company, I still see those that attend a Reliv conference build faster, bigger and more consistently than anyone else in the company. That’s a fact. Conference acts like a new battery for your business — giving you the tools, the knowledge and the passion to reach higher. (Plus, we have a great time!)

And we’ve recently booked Hall of Fame Speaker Connie Podesta to deliver our keynote address. She alone is worth your trip to Kansas City! Connie is one of today’s most talked-about business motivational speakers and will help you generate new ideas and find new sources of inspiration to get what you want out of life. Trust me: you don’t want to miss it.

Yes, attending conference is an investment of your time and money, but it’s the best investment you’ll make in your business this year. Recharge, refocus, Reliv! See you at the Next Level!

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