July Reliv Contest: Caption This Photo





There are some serious shenanigans going on at the Reliv Headquarters in Chesterfield, MO, and Tom Pinnock is involved! What is he thinking in this photo? What will he say next? We asked you to send in your best captions, and here are our favorites:

“Before Reliv, my idea of exercise was pulling the plug on the bathtub and fighting the current!” – Lisa Hartzler

“This is what happens after a week without FibRestore!” –Joseph Kirk Kunze

“I am Tom; Tom I am! I’m the Epigenetic Super Man!” –Caroline Laverdiere

“I don’t always do curls with 10 pound dumbbells, but when I do I make sure to add ProVantage to my Reliv shake.” – Shirley Frankenbery

“Oops! That one slipped out! Maybe a little less FibRestore next workout!” – Lauren Laird

21 thoughts on “July Reliv Contest: Caption This Photo

  1. Caption: “I need Reliv shakes to fuel my weight lifting program, which in turns makes me strong enough to combat ‘mosquitos the size of Volkswagens’ that we have in Florida.”

  2. “See this dumbbell. All my friends who take Reliv can lift it like a feather. All my friends who don’t, they ARE the dumbbells!”

  3. “I’m surrounded inside and out by these “good guys”, I will go forward and fail not! “

  4. “No Don, You cant’ fix stupid”, but touch my Reliv, and YOU WILL know what Reliv can do!

  5. With bio available, cellular, epigenetic nutritional products your “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can becomes…..I know I will, I know I will, I know I will!!

  6. In my right hand is an example of what people think they need but the structure holding the weight is an example of Reliv.

  7. “No one ever knew I only used “Paper mâché Weights” to lift until “Moody”, joined Reliv!”

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