Happy Canada Day from Reliv’s Mark Lewis


This Canada Day is a great time to remember how fortunate we are to live in Canada. As Reliv Canada Distributors, you do your part to improve the lives of everyone around you to make your communities, and by extension our country, a better place. It is my privilege to work with you all, and I thank everyone for your work in growing Reliv Canada!

We’re very proud and excited to host the 2014 Reliv Leadership Celebration in Québec City this fall, and I know you’re all working hard to earn this trip by the end of July. To qualify, you need to advance to Ambassador or advance an Ambassador level. If you’re already a qualified Ambassador, advance to Presidential Director or have a frontline Ambassador join you a the PD level to qualify. All those who qualify as new PDs or Ambassadors during the qualification period will receive an extra day (September 10) in Québec for exclusive leadership training! We can’t wait to see you!

Enjoy your Canada day with your loved ones, and keep working hard to build your business big and qualify for Québec City!

And be ready for the next great announcement for Reliv Canada – coming very soon!


Mark Lewis
National Sales Manager, Reliv Canada

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