Aloha Reliv!


by Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Steve Hastings

One of the things I love most about Reliv is that it is a part of who I am, not just a job. And I’m not alone — it’s a trait shared by our most successful Reliv Distributors. Wherever they go, whatever they do, Reliv is a part of the experience.

My Dad (Dr. Carl) and I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a family vacation in Hawaii and were excited to spend some time with a local group of Distributors who are bringing Reliv to the islands. We spent a Saturday morning sharing the Reliv story with a lot of excited people — guests, long-time Reliv partners and new Distributors taking serious action with big goals for themselves and all of Hawaii.

You never know where a new line of Reliv Distributors can come from. Presidential Double Platinum Ambassador Linda Vance was in Hawaii last year on a Reliv rewards trip and met Oretha Shokunbi, who worked at the hotel. Oretha is now building her own Reliv organization. Another line started when Dr. Alfredo Galvez attended a family event and told his relatives from Hawaii about the excitement surrounding LunaRich® and nutritional epigenetics. Now his cousins Carlota Ader and Lorna Pascua are Reliv Master Affiliates!

We met so many great people and came away excited about their future success. I can’t wait to hear their stories as they grow Reliv Hawaii. A big MAHALO to them all!


Pascua-webSoldier’s Security

Rico Pascua came upon Reliv by accident and with a twist of fate. After a funeral of a family member in California, Rico was introduced to his wife’s cousin, Dr. Alfredo Galvez. The rest, as they say, is history. Rico was looking for help with his high blood pressure and found it in Reliv. After just a short time on the products, his numbers improved significantly.

A member of the Army, Rico is building his business through soldiers going through rigorous training and colleagues looking for better health. He is now nearing retirement and looking forward to having Reliv to help secure his future.  “It’s part of my life now.”




Reyes-webSharing the Reliv Experience

In September 2013, Achie Reyes and his wife learned from college dorm-mate Dr. Alfredo Galvez that lunasin helps with cholesterol and liver health. Their 18-year-old son, Kalani, has epilepsy and was starting the Ketogenic Diet, a high-fat diet for seizure management that increases cholesterol levels. Kalani’s liver function tests (LFT) were also elevated due to anti-epilepsy drugs. Adding LunaRich X™ to Kalani’s regimen has resulted in only moderate increases in cholesterol levels and normal range LFTs.

Achie also saw health benefits. “I had painful stiffness in my knee that my doctor said could require surgery. After taking Reliv products, the pain subsided. I’m back to playing tennis and I feel better than ever. Even my doctor is surprised!”

Achie sees his Reliv business as an opportunity to offer good health to others. He finds success in sharing his story with others and creating a shared experience through Reliv results.


Lowes-webBright Future Ahead

Michael and Rene Lowe began their Reliv journey with skepticism that turned into admiration. “We are not ones for network marketing, but after seeing our results with Reliv, we were very excited to introduce these products to those close to us. The products are easy to use and they work, so they pretty much sell themselves.”

Both Michael and Rene work full time, using Reliv as a great source of supplemental income. Reliv also provides an unmatched source of energy for their busy schedules, which include staying active in their church and playing music.

The Lowe family anticipates a bright future with Reliv. “We are very thankful to be a part of Reliv and look forward to growing our business this year. We love the products and the opportunity it provides.”


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  1. Are they having regular meetings over there or just special events? Having distributors there would be almost as hard as having distributors in the Bahamas, but somebody’s gotta work with them! 😉

  2. So true that Reliv just becomes a natural part of conversations! I’ve ended up in a Reliv conversation more than once without even trying. 🙂

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