4 Tips to Move 100+ Super Packs This Month


LunaRich Super Pack

How do you move 107 LunaRich® Super Packs in one month? According to Scott Weaver of Imler, Pennsylvania, there’s no secret: “Being sincere about helping people is my key to success. Making this business about others is what it’s all about. It’s not magic — show people you care and the results will come.”

Scott’s organization was able to move all those Super Packs by building momentum — by bringing in new people who brought in more new people. “Super Packs get people excited,” he says. “When they see the boxes stacked in front of a room and hear the stories about what these products are doing for people, they want what’s in the box.”

Thanks to the Super Pack, Scott finished first in volume among all Distributors in the nation in April, earning a Kalogris Humanitarian Award and a trip for two to Quebec City for the 2014 Leadership Celebration. Learn how you can earn the trip this month.

And all those Super Packs are helping people see better results. “People used to leave our presentations with one can of Reliv Now® and one bottle of LunaRich X™,” Scott says. “Now they leave with a four-month supply. And with these two remarkable products, they can’t escape seeing results!” 

Scott’s tips for building business with the LunaRich Super Pack:

  • It’s still about stories. Connect new people with your upline and with other Distributors who can validate with their own personal experience what these products and this business can do.
  • Make Super Packs part of every Reliv presentation. The science behind these products is amazing, the results people are getting are inspiring and the instant savings with Super Packs just makes sense.
  • Make Super Packs visible. Carry packs with you and have them prominently displayed whenever you’re sharing Reliv. Those boxes grab attention.
  • Welcome Reliv into your life. My family is a Reliv family — it’s a part of everything we do. When you feel great and experience the joy of helping others, it stops being work and starts being part of who you are.

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  1. Scott and Dawn…you are such an inspiration! You have such big hearts for others, and that is a huge part of your success! You will both be awesome ambassadors sometime soon!! Keep up the great work!!

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