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by Tina Van Horn
Research and Business Development Coordinator
SL Technology, Inc., a Reliv company

Nutritional epigenetics may offer potential for you to look as good as you feel 

Who is your Super You?

  • Does your Super You have more energy? run faster? look younger?
  • Is your Super You less stressed? more focused?
  • Is your Super You improving upon your family’s health history?

Regardless of your definition, nutritional epigenetics is providing solutions to help you achieve Super You status. Dietary compounds that work at the epigenetic level have the ability to improve the function of many types of cells in the body. Epigenetic researchers continue to identify nutritional compounds that promote wellness, optimize health and interfere with the aging process at the cellular and molecular levels.

Super Ingredient Lunasin
Lunasin is an ideal example of a dietary ingredient that supports various cell types. Researchers continue to discover new benefits of lunasin resulting from its observable epigenetic mechanisms of action. Study after study has identified this naturally occurring soy peptide’s ability to promote cellular health. Specific benefits include heart health, antioxidant effects, improved immunity and anti-inflammatory properties. Together, these benefits translate into a comprehensive health formula:

wellness + vitality + energy = Super You!
How can a single dietary compound do so much? Look no further than lunasin’s anti-inflammatory benefits as an example. Researchers have established that lunasin is a potent inhibitor of the master inflammatory protein NF-ĸ-β.  Because NF-ĸ-β is found in almost all human cell types (blood, skin, organ, muscle, neurons, etc.), it plays a key role in regulating the inflammatory response associated with many health conditions and the aging process in general.

Looking Good, Feeling Great
Let’s further limit our focus to potential anti-inflammatory benefits for skin cells and reducing the visible signs of aging.  Research shows that inhibiting NF-ĸ-β production can restore skin cells to a more youthful state and help increase skin thickness. Increasing skin thickness makes the skin firmer and reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and imperfections.

Chronic inflammation may also trigger heightened allergic responses which contribute to blotchy skin, dark eye circles, puffy eyes and redness. Inflammation plays a significant role in hair loss, acne, and a number of other dermatological age-related conditions.

Researchers agree that gene expression changes with age and leads to physical signs of aging. Cellular dysfunction triggered by changes in gene expression can result in wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. Nutritional epigenetics and identifying ingredients that may restore gene expression to youthful levels are at the forefront of aging research.  Imagine reprogramming skin cells to act years younger using simple nutritional strategies.

Your Anti-Inflammation Team
The lunasin in LunaRich® works synergistically with other nutritional compounds in Reliv Now® — and other Reliv products — to reduce inflammatory markers. The result: a powerful nutritional approach to combat the aging effects of inflammation. Here’s a list of those inflammation fighters:

Reliv Now® Proprietary Blend
Licorice root

Reliv Now Common Ingredients
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Soy isoflavones

Found in other Reliv products
Omega 3s

Nutritional epigenetics takes “beauty from the inside out” to a higher level.
We know that dietary ingredients like lunasin, in combination with positive lifestyle and environmental interventions, provide a proactive approach to optimize epigenetic health and promote overall wellness. Research is now showing that the same epigenetic mechanisms could help defy the effects of aging. Nutritional epigenetics is painting a clearer picture for those interested in living longer, feeling better and looking as good as they feel.  Your Super You is waiting!


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