May 2014 Recognition

CongratsBB-webJoin us in congratulating the following Reliv Distributors who earned cash bonuses in the month of May! 

10. Don & Deborah Snyder from Ohio, $250
9. Asha Mohamed from Canada, $300
8. Shannon & Mark Baumbach from Montana, $350
7. David & Ellen Lambright from Michigan, $400
6. Sharon & Ralph Ackerman from California, $450
5. Linda Wright from Washington, $500
4. Maria Acosta from California, $600
3. Cathy Milner from California, $700
2. Don & Nixola Leidigh from North Carolina, $800
1. Ofelia & Rhea Romero from California, $1,000

Robin Butler from Pennsylvania
Mary Frances & Gino Caselli from Montana
John & Nathalie Curtin from California
John Grant from California
Asad Hassan & Fatuma Timayare from Canada
Dr. Tim & Elizabeth Hogan from Ohio
Cheryl & Kevin Kent from New Mexico
John & Editha Long from California
Julie Moeller from California
Dave & Jean Zuro from Illinois

KEY DIRECTORS (each receives $500)
Rudy & Agripina Goltiao from California
Sonny Mitchell from California

TOP 5 PGPV – win the Quest for Quebec trip
*all below are Dr. Ted Plaque winners
5. Pete & Liz Vreeland from South Carolina
4. Diane Everett from Michigan
3. Terry & Sally Cover from Pennsylvania
2. Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire
1. Feliciano Mendoza from Texas

Wendy & Edward Juergens from Massachusetts
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon
Florence & Elo Sauder from Canada

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