Saying Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies: Debbi Grenz




Debbi Grenz of Albany, OR suffered from unbearable seasonal allergies since the age of seven. Allergic to mold, mildew and pollen, Debbi had trouble avoiding her seasonal allergies year-round. Summers brought on allergy-induced asthma while winter would stimulate nearly constant sinus infections. After battling her ailment for over 40 years, she finally found the perfect solution with Reliv. At the age of 50, Debbi started on Reliv products and found that she could finally breathe again. It has now been six years since she started using Reliv and has realized a new-found joy for life and all its seasons.

“There is no way you could take my Reliv products away from me! Thank you, Reliv!”

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  1. One of my Master Affiliates, Jane Finkel, has also had success with her battle against allergies. She has added Arthaffect to her daily shakes and has found she has not had to use her two allergy medications since January! Go Reliv!!

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