Reliv’s ‘Dynamic Duo’ Rocks Geneva Convention


S&HTVitaFoods-webThe Reliv Now® and LunaRich X™ study stole the show last month at the Vitafoods Europe Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Alfredo Galvez’s presentation on the results from the University of Missouri study, which shows that the combination of these two products supports weight loss, heart health, and metabolic wellness, was perhaps the most popular presentation of the entire symposium.

Conference attendees were looking for innovation and they found it in Reliv’s LunaRich® products. Of the 47 peer-reviewed presentations at the conference, “Lunasin: Epigenetic Revolution in Nutrition and Health,” was singled out by the Conference Advisory Board as one of the most innovative ingredients and a major highlight of the conference.

“I have traveled the world for the past 14 years attending scientific symposiums with Dr. Galvez,” said Ryan Schmidt, President and CEO of SL Technology, a Reliv subsidiary. “I had never before seen attendees ignore the other speakers and line up to talk with him.”

Attendees posed technical questions regarding the science and discovery of the lunasin peptide, and also wanted to know where they could buy the product. Dr. Galvez’s presentation was so compelling, he was invited to speak at another food conference later this year in Istanbul, Turkey; and he was asked to author a chapter in an upcoming book on genomics, proteomics and nutrition.

The presentation outlined the science of lunasin, from the unique discovery of its biological activity and histone-binding properties, to the revolutionary epigenetic mechanism of action and the commercialization of LunaRich. He highlighted the health benefits related to cellular health, cardiovascular health and metabolic regulation. The session moderator, a distinguished British oncologist, was so engaged with the topic that he commented, “You killed us with the science. It’s just like being in medical school again.”

The Vitafoods Europe Conference has built an international reputation within the nutraceutical industry as the premier nutritional research conference, delivering a program that addresses the trends and challenges that will shape the future of nutraceuticals. This year’s conference attracted some of the leading industry figures to share their latest scientific research discoveries and applications, as well as market trends and regulatory updates. Portions of Dr. Galvez’s presentation abstract were used in industry publications to promote the conference as an example of the innovation that is launching a new generation of ingredients.

The VitaFoods International Conference provided tremendous global exposure for nutritional epigenetics and the lunasin peptide. If the interest shown by the conference attendees is any indication, Reliv and LunaRich are perfectly-positioned as the international community embraces epigenetics and personalized nutrition.

Discover for yourself what the buzz is all about and hear Dr. Galvez in person at the Reliv Next Level International Conference on July 24-26 in Kansas City.


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