My Story: Julie Novak





Julie Novak of Calhoun, GA is a pageant director who integrates her career with her passion for Reliv by supporting both her own health and the health of others within her industry.

Reliv Regimen: LunaRich X®

Battling for Health: Before Reliv I was dealing with a variety of health issues. I began taking LunaRich X in November and couldn’t believe what happened: I started seeing life-changing results!

Saving Grace: My poor health was costing me thousands in medical bills. Because of Reliv, I’m back in control of my health and couldn’t have imagined feeling this great! LunaRich is a breakthrough that could completely change the health industry, and I am living proof of that.

Beauty from the Inside: I have been a pageant director for the past 30 years. This industry gives me the opportunity to target a specific market that can be positively affected by the power of LunaRich. I have seen such improvement in my skin, hair and nails, and I am excited to share those results with my colleagues and contestants.




One thought on “My Story: Julie Novak

  1. Congratulations! But will you share what those health issues were? Where did you see / feel life-changing results?


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